Ginger, peanuts, pickled peppers, ingredients that are available in every household are “magic weapons for longevity”

In today’s high incidence of various diseases, people pay more and more attention to health, and longevity is also the expectation of many people. However, it is very difficult to realize these two wishes, especially to live a long and healthy life. < span>11.03/100,000, exceeding the national average 3 times.

Several elderly people captured in the program, the youngest is 101 years old, the oldest is 105 years old, and the oldest is 116 years old . How did they do it? This is closely related to their “health treasure”.

“Experts of this issue”


< p data-track="13">The “first treasure” of longevity: oil tea

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The 116-year-old Grandma Wang is in very good health and speaks confidently. She has hardly suffered from any illness since she was young. When asked why, the family said that it might be related to drinking a drink for many years. This drink is Camellia oleifera.

Gongcheng Camellia is also known as Shuangshen Tea, Longevity Soup, which has been passed down for thousands of years and is a provincial non- Tangible cultural heritage. Gongcheng Camellia oleifera is composed of various substances, and contains many organic ingredients, which are beneficial to health. The main materials are:

< span>1. Ginger

Chronic inflammation exists in the human body for a long time, which will reduce Immunity, accelerated aging, chronic diseases of the elderly, and even tumors.

Ginger contains curcumin, after eating into the human body, curcumin can be Restored to tetrahydrocurcumin, it is helpful for anti-inflammation, anti-oxidation, and reducing the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

In addition, flavonoids and flavonols in ginger have anti-inflammatory, anti- Under the premise of oxidation, it also has certain benefits in assisting in the prevention of cancer.

2. Green tea

Tea is a health drink recommended by the World Health Organization, because tea contains The tea polyphenols contained in it have been found to have anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor effects.

The content of tea polyphenols: green tea>black tea>green tea.

3. Peanuts

Peanuts are locally known as< strong>Longevity fruit, because it contains a lot of vitamins, trace elements, protein and crude fiber, and its protein and crude The content of fiber ranks first among vegetables. These nutrients can promote metabolism and increase cell vitality.

Peanuts also contain many flavonoid compounds, such as folic acid, resverat Alcohol, vitamin B3, etc., can improve human brain circulation, assist brain health, and reduce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

And peanuts also contain β-sitosterol, which can promote cancer cells decomposition, metabolism and apoptosis.

Peanut skin is also a very good substance, it is rich in carotenoids< /strong>, can promote the production of platelets, and has the effect of stopping bleeding; at the same time, peanut skin also contains iron, which is very suitable for anemia patients, especially menopausal bleeding and heavy menstruation , blood loss, should eat together with the skin.

However, people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have relatively active platelets, so they are not suitable for eating peanut skins, so as not to increase the risk of thrombosis.

Although peanuts are good, they contain more oil, so Do not eat too much, the daily intake should be less than 50g.

【How to make camellia oleifera 】

Ingredients:Peanuts Rice, ginger, tea, cashew nuts, goji berries.

How to:

< p data-track="58">1. Mince ginger and wolfberry, smash peanuts and cashews with the back of a knife, soak tea leaves in warm water at 65°C and mince;

2. Heat the oil in the pot, stir-fry the minced ginger until fragrant, then add the tea leaves;

3. Add peanuts, cashew nuts, wolfberry, fry until fragrant, then put into the bag;

4. Put water in the pot, put in the material bag, and cook for 8 minutes. When eating, it can be served with fried rice and almond cakes.

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“Longevity Fruit”: pickled pepper


The second “longevity magic weapon” of these long-lived people is a kind of fruit. The 105-year-old grandmother Tang said that the “magic weapon” is hidden in her three meals a day , that is, pickled peppers.

A study conducted by Harvard University in the United States compared 500,000 Chinese people who ate chili peppers with those who did not. It was found that the mortality rate was reduced by 10% for those who ate 1~2 times a week; People who eat 3~7 times have a 14% reduction in mortality; Peppers, fewer people with tumors.

Chili peppers contain vanillamide an alkaloid that promotes the neurotransmitter substance P release, and then promote the synthesis of endorphins in the brain, making people feel happy. Cell experiments have also shown that vanillamide, an alkaloid, can induce apoptosis in gastric cancer cells and colorectal cancer cells.

Chili can also promote perspiration, and sweating is the human bodyAn important way to discharge heavy metals (mercury, lead, etc.). Studies have shown that athletes who run a marathon excrete 20 times more lead through sweat than normal people.

The centenarian’s longevity fruit is mainly pickled pepper sauce, which has three advantages compared to other chili sauces :

One is no oil span>;

Secondly, after fermentation< strong>sour can help people reduce salt intake;

Third, it contains probiotics after fermentation, which is beneficial to Intestinal health can reduce the absorption of intestinal chronic inflammatory factors and reduce the occurrence of intestinal inflammation.

【How to make pickled pepper sauce】


Red millet spicy, green millet spicy, lemon, Star anise, Zanthoxylum bungeanum, Kaempferia, Baikou, bay leaf, white vinegar, white wine, salt.

How to:

< p data-track="94">1. Remove the pepper stalk, wash it with cold water, and then dry it with a clean towel;

2. Put 1kg of water in the pot, then add 4 star anise, 4 white Kou, 3 bay leaves, 5 kaempferia, a dozen peppercorns, 40g salt;

3. Boil the pot and let the water dry to between 42°C and 46°C (it feels slightly hot);

4. Pour white wine into the water, let it cool to room temperature, add pepper, a few slices of lemon, A dozen cloves of garlic;

4. Put it in a jar and store it in a sealed container for 21 days.

Ginger, green tea, pickled pepper, etc. They are all common and common ingredients, and eating them right can help your health. Have you learned all the “health treasures” of these long-lived elderly?