Lamb, is the “catalyst” of hepatitis B? Advice: These 3 types of food, try to keep your mouth shut

In recent years, the incidence of hepatitis B in my country has been increasing, especially the virus infection has reached about 60%, but the number of people carrying hepatitis B virus is about 120 million.

So newborns should be vaccinated against hepatitis B after birth, and children should also check for viruses before going to elementary school The probability of infection is about 90% after infection with hepatitis B virus without standardized treatment.

In fact, the low cure rate of hepatitis B is mainly due to the lack of awareness of hepatitis B. Some patients think There are no symptoms in the body, so there is no need for treatment, and the condition is easy to recur.

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How should hepatitis B be treated?

Virus Carrying Period

Under normal circumstances, hepatitis B carriers have indicators of hepatitis B virus on their body, but there is no attack or obvious symptoms. At this time, liver function tests should be done regularly , Hepatitis B two-and-a-half and alpha-fetoprotein, liver B-ultrasound examination. At ordinary times, it is necessary to pay more attention to daily diet adjustment, quit smoking and drinking, exercise more, improve immunity, and ensure nutrition.

Hepatitis B attack period

The period of active inflammation is the golden time for anti-virus. At this time, interferon and nucleoside drugs are mainly used for anti-viral treatment, and immune drug protection needs to be adjusted Liver cells are more abundant at this time, rest more and exercise more.

Hepatitis B Stable period

The stable period of hepatitis B is also the stage in which most chronic hepatitis B patients are. The frequency of hepatitis B inflammation attacks will be relatively reduced, but it is also necessary to regularly review and take medication on time, so as to prolong the survival period and improve the quality of life.


Is mutton a “catalyst” for hepatitis B? Advice: These 3 types of food, try to keep your mouth shut

If you have hepatitis B virus Patients or those who are carriers of hepatitis B should not only pay attention to their own hygiene structure, but also pay attention to the health of their diet. According to the survey, it is not the “forbidden” and “fat” of hepatitis B patients.

Mutton is rich in Vitamins, amino acids, calcium, zinc and dietary fiber are the main nutrients for human organs and detoxification organs, and can help the stomach to achieve a certain degree of excretion and decomposition, and maintain a normal detoxification system.

However, patients with hepatitis B virus can supplement mutton appropriately, and each intake cannot If it exceeds 30-50 grams, eating too much will also increase the burden of exercise on the liver, resulting in exuberant anger and stagnation of liver qi, so pay attention to the intake, so that it will not affect the condition of hepatitis B.


Advice: These 3 types of food, try to keep your mouth shut


Many families will inevitably put seasonings in their daily cooking, MSG is even more common, mainly to make the food taste more delicious, but a large amount Adding monosodium glutamate can pose a threat to the liver. Try to keep a light diet, which is more conducive to liver health.


Since hepatitis B has been diagnosed and liver function is impaired, doctors usually tell patients to drink Quit drinking. After all, 90% of alcohol entering the human body needs to be broken down by the liver. These metabolites will directly damage the liver cells and accelerate the hardening and necrosis of liver cells. Therefore, drink less and supplement carbohydrates, vitamins and selenium, and balanced nutrition. Carbonated drinks, regular review.

Sunflower seeds

Many families will buy sunflower seeds or other nuts during the holidays. Although they taste good, they can easily affect the health of the liver. It is best to keep your mouth shut, because these foods contain a lot of unsaturated fats, which can easily cause fat deposits in the body, causing fatty liver or other diseases.


If you have hepatitis B, how long can you live?

Because there is no drug to completely eliminate hepatitis B virus at present, it is necessary to take some anti- Virus drugs are used to stabilize the condition, so many people feel that life is hopeless.

Currently there is no clinical treatment for hepatitis B, but if it can be actively and formally treated and adjusted, It can also delay the progression of the disease and achieve more survival effects. If people with hepatitis B are treated properly and live a scientific lifestyle, their life expectancy can be extended by 20 or even 30 years.

However, if there is no active treatment, there may be hepatitis B, which will slowly transform into liver cirrhosis or even liver cancer It will affect the survival time. Gastrointestinal hemorrhage and hepatic encephalopathy appear, and death may occur in a short time.