Can dementia be predicted? Study finds that people who meet 3 characteristics are prone to dementia

According to relevant statistics, there are more than 50 million Alzheimer’s patients in the world, and it is conservatively estimated that the number of patients will reach 139 million by 2050, so the number of Alzheimer’s patients is very high now. Many, what is the main reason?

According to such data survey and research, it shows that the level of folic acid in the elderly population is seriously insufficient, and it has increased to a certain extent Aging increases the risk of dementia even more.

Among the more than 20,000 elderly people in the statistics, 1/5 patients have folic acid deficiency Folate deficiencies in adequate older adults have a 3.5% risk of developing Alzheimer’s.

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Alzheimer’s disease – a slow death process< /p>

Alzheimer’s disease is actually senile dementia. Drugs can be used to delay the progress of the disease, but they cannot be cured completely. We can only let the disease “play tricks” until the day when the god of death comes.

When this type of patient suffers from severe memory impairment, they don’t even know their relatives. What I said in a second, I forgot in the next second, how should I say? Even if it was near my home, I couldn’t find my way home, and the concept of time and space was confused. I always remember that when I was a child, my personality became weird, my feelings became indifferent, and even irritable and suspicious.

The disease may progress to a later stage Loss of independence, paralysis, incontinence, and eventually coma and death from infection or other complications.


Is dementia predictable? The study found that people who meet the 3 characteristics are prone to dementia Alzheimer’s disease can be quickly identified by the “clock drawing method”. This is a relatively well-known test method in the world. The old man draws a circular clock on paper. The clock must mark 12 numbers at the time point. At the same time, there must be an hour hand and a minute hand, and the pointer points to the time specified by the questioner.

Then the test requires the elderly to complete it independently within 10 minutes. 4-point methodScoring:

  • Draw a closed circular dial, get 1 point
  • 12 numbers on the dial are correct, 1 point
  • Hour and minute hands intersect, 1 point< /span>
  • The pointer points to the correct time, 1 point.

Patients with a final score of 0-2 points can be judged as cognitive decline, perhaps Ordinary people think this approach is naive, but people with mild disabilities can check their memory, comprehension, executive ability, and whether there is any abnormality in the spatial structure. The effective rate of this method can reach more than 90%, and it can also be used by people over 40 years old.

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The study found that people who meet the 3 characteristics are more likely to suffer from Dementia

Diabetes development

People with diabetes have a greater risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, so preventive measures should be taken in advance. Diabetes is a chronic disease caused by reduced islet function. Illness, persistent high blood sugar not only causes limb numbness, itchy skin, weight loss, etc., but also gradually damages blood vessels and affects blood circulation throughout the body.

Different degrees of nerve damage in multiple parts, accelerated brain neurodegeneration, continuous blood sugar control Unstable, dementia is more likely to appear.

Not for a long time Use your brain

People who do not use their brains for a long time, dementia, also have the opportunity to take advantage of the importance of the brain In order to maintain a good function, the commander needs to use his brain and think more. When encountering a problem, he will analyze the ins and outs of the difficult problem.

Some people have memory loss, slow thinking, and unresponsiveness, all because they do not use their brains for a long time. The brain functions normally when it is young, and it is necessary to do more things to improve the brain, so as to keep the brain young.

The diet is very casual

Continuous inappropriate diet is more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease than people who eat a healthy diet. Many types of food can also affect your brain and nerves. Eat more healthy, the elderly appear, these are some easy to raise blood sugar, fried food, high sugar food, food with high cholesterol and fat content, etc.

So to To maintain health and maintain the brain, you must improve your digestive function. You must know how to avoid these hidden dangers to prevent diseases from entering your mouth.

In the crowd, the relative probability of dementia is relatively low, only 5% of the population is single gene Inherited, and there is a high probability that pathogenic gene mutations will not occur, and will not be directly inherited, but only increase the risk of disease. Compared with those who are worried about genetics, they should manage other controllable risk factors.