A 33-year-old man in Shanghai raised his liver for 6 months, and his transaminases dropped from 105 to 40. The doctor’s method is worth learning

Many people go to the hospital to check the liver function and whether the liver is healthy. During the physical examination, they should pay attention to the content of transaminases. Some people only know that transaminases are related to the liver, but they don’t understand The real principle.

Transaminase is actually a catalyst, which is very important to the liver, especially if the liver is damaged, it will It can cause elevated serum transaminases, especially human transaminases, when the content exceeds 40U/L, the liver will be seriously damaged.

In clinical medicine, viral hepatitis includes chronic hepatitis B and chronic hepatitis C, and the number of people affected It has reached 90 million and 10 million people respectively, and it is also the main cause of liver cancer at present, which proves that nourishing the liver and protecting the liver are very important.


What are transaminases?

Transaminase mainly exists in the liver, which is an essential catalyst for the normal operation of the liver. But one of the important indicators of human liver health.

If the liver cells are damaged, amino acids cannot be stored well, and they may even flow into the blood, so during the physical examination Elevated serum transaminase values ​​will be detected.

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A 33-year-old man in Shanghai raised his liver for 6 months, and his transaminases dropped from 105 to 40. The doctor’s method is worth learning

Xiao Wang is 33 years old and lives in Shanghai. The pressure of competition is high. In order to earn more money, I often work overtime until the early hours of the morning. I have big dark circles under my eyes at a young age. I look very tired and my mental state is relatively poor.

Although parents and friends around him advised Xiao Wang not to work so hard, but I think young can earn more At this point, life in the future will not be difficult, and the body will collapse before the day of success.

The long-term mental state is particularly poor , Drowsy all day long, body pain, helpless to go to the hospital for physical examination, found that the transaminase in the body has exceeded 105, was diagnosed as chronic liver cirrhosis. The doctor warned him that if he is not intervened and treated in time, it is likely to cause liver cirrhosis or advanced liver cancer.

Xiao Wang is also following the doctor’s advice, actively nourishing the liver in his life, and going to the hospital for a review after half a year. The transaminase has dropped to 40, and the body has returned to a healthy state. The doctor also asked him in detail about the method of nourishing the liver, giving him a thumbs up

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Hepatology: After listening to Xiao Wang’s method of nourishing the liver, it is very Not bad, but very few people make it

Quit smoking and drinking

Because I am under a lot of pressure, I often smoke and drink to vent pressure, not only myself, but also some young men There will be such a habit, which is harmful to the liver but not beneficial. Therefore, if you want to reduce transaminases, you must first quit smoking and drinking.

Diet combination Treatment

For people with elevated transaminases, daily diet therapy is very important, Xiao Wang goes home After that, add fresh vegetables and fruits to the diet, which is also a good helper to reduce transaminases. Fruits are rich in vitamins, which can improve liver function. A variety of proteins can also promote liver cell repair and reconstruction, and effectively improve the body Immune system level.

Take liver protection drugs

If you want to reduce transaminases, in addition to developing good living and eating habits, you must actively cooperate with the doctor to take certain drug treatments. Especially alcoholic liver, fatty liver, and drug-induced liver injury should be combined with some drugs. In addition to reducing transaminases, liver-protecting drugs can also enhance immunity.



I used to be busy with entertainment all day long, so I didn’t have time to exercise at all. Now, active exercise can reduce body fat content, Promote blood circulation metabolism, improve immunity, enhance cell repair ability, reduce the release of transaminase, make dryness more energetic during exercise, and have the motivation to excrete toxins from the body. At the same time, it can also exercise cardiopulmonary function and enhance lung capacity during running.


Extended reading—Is the liver bad, can I eat mutton?

Mutton meat is more delicate and is deeply loved by people. Now is also a good time to eat mutton. However, people with mild liver disease should try to eat less mutton, especially the fat part. It is best not to eat it.

Fat meat contains a lot of Fat, excessive consumption will interfere with liver metabolism and increase its burden of detoxification. People with poor liver function will also have elevated jaundice indicators. According to traditional Chinese medicine, most people have strong liver fire or damp heat.

Mutton itself is a warming and tonic product, which can warm and nourish yang and is easy to get angry, so you should not eat mutton during hepatitis, otherwise it will lead to more vigorous anger. affect the improvement of the condition. If the constitution belongs to the deficiency of qi and blood, and the deficiency of yang qi, you can eat mutton appropriately for warming and tonic.