Lack of vitamin B2, these 3 parts will remind you that it is time to supplement

The human body needs a lot of food every day, and if these foods can be properly matched, there is no need to worry about the lack of certain nutrients. When maintaining life activities, trace elements, vitamins, and proteins , dietary fiber, and carbohydrates can all help. There are many types of vitamins, among which the B vitamins play an important role. Some people have raised questions, if the human body lacks vitamin B2 for a long time, what special changes will happen? Find out below.

1, eyes

Vitamin B2 has a variety of functions, it can participate in the body’s modernization,promote the absorption of nutrients, and can also participate in growth Development, if you continue to lack vitamin B2, you will find that the eyes have sent a signal, prone to blepharitis.

Blepharitis is also the inflammation of the eye area. During the development process, the eyes will suffer from strong light There is obvious discomfort, dryness, tearing, and even tiredness. Sometimes you will find that your vision becomes blurred when looking at things.

In order to avoid the continuous development of local inflammation, it will eventually cause conjunctival hyperemia and corneal capillary hyperplasia. It should be supplemented in time after the lack of nutrients is found, among which vitamin B2 cannot be lacked.

2, lips

The human body is a wonderful thing, and it will change differently according to the health problems that arise. Vitamin B2 can be obtained from food, animal offal, nuts, vegetables, fruits all contain this substance, long-term vitamin B2 deficiency lips An alert will sound.

Most people’s lips are rosy and delicate, and there will be no special state or color change. However, after vitamin B2 deficiency, the lips will be obviously red. In severe cases, it is easy to erode. If you blindly think that it is caused by lack of water, treatment may be delayed.

It is generally observed that cracks appear on the lips, and the skin often peels off. It should be checked in time to determine whether there is a lack of Vitamins.

3. Oral

After supplementing with vitamin B2, the body can Keep healthy, but some people may experience abnormalities in their mouth if they lack it for a long time. Oral maintenance is good, the resistance of the mucous membrane is improved, and inflammation can be prevented.

But long-termoral inflammation, mucosal ulceration< span>, repeatedly did not improve, it is necessary to judge whether certain vitamins are deficient, among which vitamin B2 intake is insufficient, oral resistance becomes weak, and it is easy to be infected.

Bacterial infection will produce ulcers, which will cause obvious pain when the ulcers are stimulated, and there will be bad breath later , affect appetite, at this time, pay attention tooral hygiene, care, at the same time Add enough vitamins to improve.

According to the above analysis, we can know that if you want to keep healthy, you should focus on supplementing what the human body needsNutrition, in addition to sufficient protein supply to maintain normal life activities, various vitamins cannot be lacking. When supplementing vitamin B2, you can take vitamin B tablets according to the doctor’s guidance, and you can also adjust your personal diet.