Criticism of Chinese food? These 3 wrong eating patterns should be changed as soon as possible

The causes of diseases are complex, but most of them are related to inappropriate diet methods. Some recommended dietary patterns are actually harmful to the body. If they are not corrected as soon as possible, the disease will easily enter the mouth . Therefore, it is necessary to understand what kind of eating behavior is not advisable, and if you have it yourself, correct it as soon as possible. Some people say that the Chinese diet is named, and many ways are wrong. Is it true?

Every year in our country because of incorrect eating behavior There are countless people with diseases, and there are indeed some mistakes in the Chinese diet. If you don’t understand deeply, judge which behaviors are unreasonable, and change them as soon as possible, the disease will take advantage of it. And wait until the disease invades and then correct the wrong habits, it is very difficult to recover. You should eat properly and pay attention to other aspects to naturally have a healthy body.

Which eating habits are not recommended?

1. Every meal is full

Eat a little full every meal, this is what most parents say to their children. healthy. In fact, to maintain the digestive system well, you should eat moderately, don’t over-control your diet for a long time and lack nutrients, and don’t often eat too much< span>.

Eating too much will invisibly get a lot of food,Increased digestive pressure in the stomach< /strong>It will also provide too many calories. Original indigestion is not conducive to the absorption of nutrients, but too much calories are not consumed, and you will gradually gain weight span>, follow-up to accelerate the arrival of many diseases. The correct way is to eat 70% full for each meal, which will naturally provide enough nutrients.

2. Eat while it’s hot

< p data-track="8">Eating while it is hot is a long-term eating pattern for many people, they think that food should be eaten while it is hot after cooking, put It doesn’t taste good when it’s cold. In fact, the human mouth and digestive system have a temperature tolerance range. High temperature food will feel hotmouth , but if you still eat reluctantly in this state, it will accelerate the arrival of serious diseases.

Always eat while it’s hot, hot food can irritateesophagus, oral cavity, gastric mucosa, It will produce inflammation, and over time it will accelerate the arrival of malignant tumors, some people Esophageal cancerThe high prevalence rate is related to this dietary pattern. It can be seen that pay attention to the temperature of the food, the temperature of the freshly cooked food is very high, do not eat it when the mouth is hot, and wait for a period of time for the temperature to be suitable for eating, so as to improve safety.

3, after noon Not eating

Some elderly people want to control their weight and improve chronic diseases, so they recommend the eating pattern of not eating after noon , I feel that I should stop eating after noon, and stop eating food for dinner, so as not to provide too many calories.

It is true that if the calorie supply is low, the weight will drop, but in order to maintain health and maintain normal life activities,The correct way is to eat three meals regularly, and provide enough nutrition and energy on time, so that it will not lastStarving. However, the behavior of not eating after noon will leave the stomach with no food to digest at night, and disease will appear instead.