Can I still exercise for lumbar disc herniation? Try not to touch these 3 kinds of sports, it will aggravate the condition

The lumbar spine is a very important part of the human body. You should pay attention to the protection of the lumbar spine at ordinary times, maintain a good sitting posture, and control the strength during exercise to prevent lumbar spine lesions. However, some people have repeatedly felt pain in the waist, only to find out that the lumbar disc herniation is developing after examination. At this time, in addition to treatment, good care should be taken. In the process of nursing, some sports should be avoided, otherwise it will cause secondary injury.

1. Ball games

Many men exercise through ball games, and there are various items, includingplaying badminton and football , playing basketball, etc. Although these competitive ball games can test a person’s flexibility and teamwork ability, the body needs to respond quickly during the exercise.

During the reaction process, many people neglected the protection of the body, and they already had lumbar intervertebral disc Prominenceis developing, and these more intense ball games are a great test of the body’s athletic ability, and you may accidentally sprainagain span>. In order to improve the safety factor, exercise with too much intensity should not be carried out at will.

2. Swimming

More and more people have waist During the development of intervertebral disc herniation,local pain is the main manifestation, which will affect normal life. In order to control the disease as soon as possible,Swimming should not be done during illness.

Swimming is a whole-body exercise. Multiple parts must be actively involved in order to promote blood circulation and strengthen metabolism during exercise, but in the processOnce the lumbar spine is exerted due to swimming< span>,Improper force will cause damage to the lumbar spine, and eventually the condition will aggravate. You should rest well and wait until your condition improves before exercising.

3. Sit-ups

Although exercise is helpful to enhance immunity and can also assist in weight loss, you should do what you can, choose suitable items, and consider your physical adaptation. And the lumbar disc herniation is already developing, sit-upsThis exercise should not be done casually.

Although sit-ups are not strict on the venue, they can be done lying on a bed or with a yoga mat. However, in the process of sit-ups, abdomen and waist need to be exerted, and the movements are repeated continuously, and the lumbar spine may There will be pain, especially if you have a disease. At this time, you shouldtake proper rest to keep the lumbar spine relaxed.

It can be seen that lumbar disc herniation causes There are many reasons, most of which are caused by bad habits, in order to maintain health, cooperate with treatment when there is a disease,Control as soon as possible through drug use, physical therapy, etc..

Of course, you should choose the right time to exercise, and don’t force yourself to do it when you have a disease and are not suitable for exerciseRow. If the above exercises are done frequently, the burden on the lumbar spine will easily increase, which will make the condition worse.