Kindness is expensive, please don’t “consume” at will

Please don’t be random “Consumption”

Ma Yuqi, a commentator of Weifang Financial Media

According to the cover news report, recently, a self-media blogger “Xiaobaolaiye” published a “Liangshan The 15-year-old girl picks up bottles every night and sells them to pay her school fees” video, which attracted a lot of attention from netizens. On November 27, the sister of the girl in the video, Ah Yue (pseudonym), responded that there was no such thing as picking up garbage to earn tuition fees. “The video shooter gave the sister 100 yuan and some drinks, and the content of the video was taught by the other party.” . After verification, the situation in the video, such as Ah Yue picking up garbage to earn tuition fees, is not true, and it is fabricated false information to gain attention and attract traffic.

In the face of this farce, some netizens jokingly said, “I haven’t wiped away my tears yet, and it turns out that this is fake”, and some netizens said helplessly, “What can I do to save me from being ‘consumed’?” kindness”. After the heart-warming videos in the coat of “positive energy” were proved to be routines and scripts, my kindness has become the traffic password of some short video creators, which is embarrassing.

With the rise and development of short video platforms, this kind of “consumption” kindness is not uncommon: In 2016, there were media reports that some network anchors “give money for performances” when doing public welfare in Daliang Mountain, and they will get it back after the live broadcast “For charity”, two anchors were arrested after the incident; this year, someone posted a video on the short video platform “Father died and mother remarried, orphans wear slippers to collect corn in the field in winter”, which was verified to be deliberately staged…

In order to make a profit, we will not hesitate to fabricate lies. This kind of behavior will not only hurt the parties involved, but also affect the image of the local area. If you watch too much of this kind of “consumer” kind-hearted video, the audience will inevitably become numb. After all, if you listen to “Wolf is Coming” too much, it will be difficult to judge the authenticity of the matter.

Some people in trouble place their hopes on online platforms for help, and some people who are enthusiastic about public welfare do their best to deliver positive energy on online platforms. If the behavior of “consuming” kindness is not stopped in time, everyone may choose to stand by for self-protection when others really need help.

So, for short videos of distress like posing and design, the platform and relevant departments must do a good job in supervision, and the audience must also grasp their own values ​​​​and emotional orientation, and don’t be easily caught by the short video ” lead by the nose.” No one wants to see the world become indifferent, I hope each of us can cherish kindness. Kindness is expensive, so please don’t “consume” it at will.