Cultural and creative empowerment! Weifang Gaomi “mud called tiger” revitalizes and walks out of a new path

Weifang Daily NewsRecently, the full page of “Hostel Shandong Haopin Shandong” was published in “People’s Daily”, and “Ninihu” in Weifang Gaomi was heavily promoted. The achievement exhibition with the theme of “Strive for a New Era” is being held in the Beijing Exhibition Hall, and Weifang Gaomi’s “Nini Tiger” made a stunning appearance. “Nini Tiger” has exploded out of the circle and continued to refresh the screen, which is a vivid testimony of Weifang’s promotion of the creative transformation and innovative development of intangible cultural heritage, and the use of cultural creativity to empower the contemporary development of intangible cultural heritage.

Intangible cultural heritage is the production and lifestyle of the people, and a cultural tradition that lives among the people. In recent years, the Weifang Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism has deeply explored the value and social functions of intangible cultural heritage in the era, accurately positioned the basic point of intangible cultural heritage protection and inheritance work, organized counties and urban areas to actively carry out intangible cultural heritage activation work, and promoted intangible cultural heritage to rejuvenate and bloom in the new era brilliance. Among them, Gaomi City takes advantage of the rich local intangible cultural heritage resources, and cooperates closely with the cultural and creative team of Shandong Academy of Arts and Crafts. Taking Gaomi’s “mud called tiger” as a typical image, it transforms traditional craft styles with contemporary design concepts, and transforms traditional crafts with design language. Cultural elements have realized the local development of cultural and creative brands, the local production of cultural and creative products, and the cross-regional dissemination of cultural and creative IP, and have embarked on a new path of revitalization and regeneration of traditional intangible cultural heritage items.

Gaomi Culture and Tourism Bureau , The cultural and creative team of Shandong Academy of Arts and Crafts combines the production process of “mud called tiger” and traditional craft features such as high-density woodblock New Year pictures and folk paper-cutting, respectively from the clay formula, shape, color and pattern reconstruction, mold optimization, mud blank reduction, and craftsmanship In terms of reconstruction and other aspects, the optimized design of Gaomi’s “mud called tiger” was carried out, and the cultural IP image of Weifang Gaomi’s “Ninihu” was innovatively created. After cultural and creative design, the shape of “Nini Tiger” fully inherits the typical characteristics of the traditional “Mud Tiger”, showing the characteristics of cute and cute children. The two “Nini Tigers” were named “Gao Dafu” and “Mi Xiaofeng” to distinguish their gender, coinciding with the word “Gaomi”. The mouth of “Nini Tiger” changed from “sagging” to “rising”, presenting a child’s naughty and playful expression; the bulging belly was covered by a red bellyband with peony patterns on it, symbolizing wealth and auspiciousness.

Weifang Gaomi “Ni After the launch of “Nihu”, it has been widely praised by all aspects of the society. Pan Lusheng, vice chairman of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, chairman of the Chinese Folk Literature and Art Association, and president of Shandong Academy of Arts and Crafts, brought it to CCTV to participate in the program recording and introduced it to the audience. The program was broadcast on CCTV-3, expanding the popularity and influence of “Nini Tiger” in Gaomi, Weifang. Under the leadership of Dean Pan Lusheng, the cultural and creative team redesigned the activation of traditional handicrafts in Gaomi, created regional cultural IP, and promoted the activation and innovation of local traditional handicrafts according to local conditions and one case per site, presenting “craft + design” and “craftsmanship” + The new look of “Brand” and “Craft + Market”.

< span> In the next step, Weifang City will take advantage of high-quality resources to re-extend and redesign the image of “Nini Tiger” in Weifang Gaomi, making the image of “Nini Tiger” more cute and anthropomorphic, and to early education machines, The transformation of derivative products such as speakers and plush decoration products, combined with the power of industrial design, injected new vitality into the cultural “two innovations”.

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