Helping lives, calling Weifang “hot-blooded masked man”

Weifang Daily NewsRecently, affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the city’s clinical blood supply is once again facing a severe test. In addition to the epidemic, there are still many patients who are struggling with death, waiting for blood to save and prolong their lives. Life is more important than Mount Tai. During this special period, the Weifang Central Blood Station immediately launched an emergency plan and recruited emergency blood donors through phone calls and text messages. Many caring citizens actively responded to the call to donate blood, adding warmth to Weifang in winter.

Mr. Liu, a citizen of Qingzhou, is donating blood.

On November 25, Mr. Liu, a citizen of Qingzhou, drove 30 kilometers to the This is his 22nd time donating blood at the blood donation house. Mr. Liu said: “Donating blood is a social responsibility, and it has become my habit. As long as there is a need, I will not hesitate to come forward.” Ms. Zhou, a citizen of Changle, is a medical worker. Donate blood twice a year. During the special period, she took the initiative to join the blood donation team and used her actions to give the best interpretation of the “benevolence of doctors”. Mr. Qiu, who lives in the urban area, has been sticking to his post during the epidemic prevention and control period. On November 26, after finishing the work at hand, he raced against time to donate blood at a nearby blood donation house.

Ms. Zhou, a citizen of Changle, is donating blood.

During the special period, the staff of the blood station in the center of Weifang stick to their posts to effectively prevent and control the epidemic and ensure blood safety To ensure the health of blood donors, the blood donation environment is strictly disinfected every day. Here, the Weifang Central Blood Station issues a free blood donation initiative to the general public! It is hoped that the general public will donate blood to the nearest blood donation point under the condition of personal protection and conditions permitting, to fight the epidemic together, save dying patients, and become a “hot-blooded masked man” who loves retrograde!

On November 29, the reporter learned from the Weifang Central Blood Station that in order to avoid crowds gathering, citizens can Make an appointment to donate blood by WeChat or phone. See the table below for the addresses and contact numbers of blood collection points in our city; to make an appointment for blood donation on WeChat, you can follow the official account of “Weifang Blood Donation Service Platform” and make an appointment in the menu bar “Go Donate Blood”.

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