​Jinyuan District, Taiyuan City: The “epidemic” in Yijing Street will not hesitate to protect the beautiful homeland

At the critical moment when Jinyuan District of Taiyuan City is fully launching the battle of epidemic prevention and control, the community cadres, enthusiastic volunteers, and party members in Yijing Street all use their own practical actions Contribute to the early victory over the epidemic.

Community cadres become “guardians” of epidemic prevention “. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, 16 staff members in Yijing Street South Lane 1 Community have worked together to comprehensively investigate the situation of residents in the community, issue travel certificates, purchase living materials for quarantined people, and publicize and persuade residents in the area , Accompanying the doctor to take a throat swab sample, everyone has truly become a “guardian” of community safety with practical actions. Comrade Wang Ying was unwell and still insisted on working overtime; Comrade Wei Xiaodong’s child was still in his infancy, but he was always on the front line; When the epidemic alarm sounded, everyone charged forward.

Under the epidemic, residents have higher and more detailed demands on the community than before. Faced with the severe situation, people are inquiring about resuming work every day. Community workers must closely observe and contact them, and dare not relax. The Party Secretary Quan Lina and the community staff must keep their mobile phones turned on 24 hours a day to answer residents’ questions at any time.

Enthusiastic masses strive to be volunteers for epidemic prevention By”. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, a youth commando team composed of youth league members and volunteers has been sticking to the front line of fighting the epidemic in Nanyixiangyi Community, participating in various tasks of epidemic prevention and control, not afraid of hardships or tiredness, Silently guard, write the beautiful youth of contemporary youth with practical actions, and build a safety barrier for residents to prevent epidemics. Retired soldier Guo Jianbin signed up as an anti-epidemic volunteer in this round of epidemic. In the cold wind, he wore protective clothing and shuttled through the crowd, reminding residents to keep a distance of two meters and wear masks to help maintain order at the scene. Use practical actions to interpret the clank oath of never fading in retirement and not fading in retirement.

Party members and villagers become epidemic prevention “patrollers” “. On November 25, the jurisdiction implemented temporary silent management. The four villages of Yijing, Wujiabao, Beiyan, and Nanyan were relocated to recruit party members and volunteers, and four epidemic prevention patrol teams were established. Carry out a comprehensive inspection of the street order in the jurisdiction, and use actions to protect the safety of the jurisdiction. The Beiyan community patrol team is led by the two committees, and 20 party members and villagers volunteers participate. Everyone is not afraid of the severe cold and actively participates in the patrol task day and night.

Zhao Yanbin, the deputy secretary of the community, encountered an old lady setting up a stall on the side of the road during his patrol. After patiently explaining and persuading the aunt, the aunt finally put away the vegetable stall and went home. Community committee member Zhao Qi met a pregnant woman on the road during his patrol. Zhao Qi got out of the car and asked about the situation. It turned out that the pregnant woman was in a hurry to go to the birth checkup, but she didn’t know how to leave the area. After learning about the situation, Zhao Qi explained the situation to the pregnant woman and her family. She asked how to seek medical treatment across districts, and told her that she could help contact the vehicle if necessary. Finally, the pregnant woman returned to the community where she lived and issued a medical certificate.

“Those who share the same desire will win, and those who share the same boat will prosper”. In this fight against the epidemic, everyone in Yijing Street is a participant and supporter of epidemic prevention. They either strictly keep their posts, or take the initiative to serve, or stay at home. It is they who walk hand in hand and become the guardian of us The powerful synergy of the homeland!

Source: Published by Jinyuan Yuanhui