Xinghualing District, Taiyuan City: The Party Working Committee of Julun Street Sub-district protects the “price” escort and protects the “fireworks” of the home

In November, the epidemic came rapidly, and the cold wind in November was biting. After pressing the “pause button”, Julun Street, Xinghualing District, Taiyuan City, in order to ensure the supply of the people’s home life during the silent period, took multiple measures and actively served, and quickly organized the supply guarantee units in the jurisdiction to prepare supplies and do a good job in logistics support.

Active Service Guarantees and Supply Builds a “Bridge of Convenience” for the Common People A special class for material security was established immediately, and it interacted with the special class for district security and supply in a timely manner to form a model where residents place orders online and the security team delivers offline. Residents place orders at fixed points and buy at staggered peaks.

The street took the initiative to connect with the District Bureau of Commerce, and clarified the list of key contact companies for daily necessities in Taiyuan, and received a total of 7 wholesale markets, 10 supermarket chains, 25 suppliers, and 11 e-commerce companies require companies to build a “convenient bridge” for ordinary people to purchase daily necessities while doing a good job in their own epidemic prevention. Carry out mobile distribution, connect with supply guarantee units for online and offline delivery of 4,885 orders, and 920 orders of guaranteed supplies for closed buildings in high-risk areas; Metehao Supermarket can deliver more than 1,000 orders in a single day, and the rest are guaranteed for supply by community vegetable stores. 2,965 bills, providing residents with 3,240 catties of grain and oil, 2,165 catties of meat, 18,250 catties of vegetables, 4,490 catties of fruits, and 2,532 catties of eggs, which greatly guaranteed the daily needs of residents during the quiet period.

The silence does not end for a moment, and the guarantee does not stop for a moment. Julun Street takes the needs of the people as the starting point and does The bridge link between the Bureau of Commerce, the supply guarantee unit and the needs of residents should be well established, and the normal supply of daily necessities for the masses should be fully ensured during the period of silence.

Price Stable enough “seven big bags” to satisfy residents’ “happiness on the tip of the tongue”

Taiyuan City Fruit Tea The North Wholesale Department of Non-staple Food Corporation, as a relatively large supply guarantee unit in the jurisdiction of Julun Street, also played an active role in this material supply guarantee. After the announcement of temporary silence in the area, Wang Ting, secretary and director of the Xinjian North Road community branch, and community officials came here immediately, “These few days are the most strenuous and critical stage of our epidemic prevention and control. As a state-owned unit, Everyone should actively respond to government policies.” Wang Ting said, “Agree, agree!” After receiving unanimous approval from merchant representatives, Li Sandan, head of the management department of the wholesale department, immediately suspended offline transactions in the store.

Businessmen began urgent research on online life guarantee packages, and resident representatives discussed prices and negotiated in the group combo. In the end, the merchants sorted out the needs of the masses at a par price, and formulated seven packages including “grain and oil package”, “vegetable package”, “meat package”, “soy product package”, “seasoning package”, “fruit package” and “hot pot set package”. And the first The time was posted in a conspicuous place in each community in Julun District, “This package is very affordable, not only in large quantities, but also at a very cheap price. After packing, it is also very convenient for everyone to buy,” said Aunt Zhang of Xinhuiyuan Community. Come, not only will merchants who are willing to take on social responsibilities have access to goods, supply, and no backlog, but also allow ordinary people to buy, afford, and eat. All efforts have been made to ensure that the “vegetable basket” of residents will continue to be stocked.

Full of love “Door-to-door food” supports people’s livelihood “stable and happy”

The basic The needs of life are also the concerns of the people’s livelihood in the hearts of party members and cadres in Julun Street. “We must quickly conduct visits and investigations in the whole street, and send warmth to these people as soon as possible,” said Meng Hong, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Julun Street. Resident units responded one after another , and sent a heavy “love package” of daily necessities to the handicapped, low-income households, and extremely poor households in the jurisdiction as soon as possible.

The North Wholesale Department of Taiyuan Fruit, Tea and Non-staple Food Corporation took the lead in preparing 100 sets of love vegetable bags,”I am also a party member. At this time, I should also assume social responsibility.” The market manager Li Sandan said. “How are you doing recently? We’ll bring you some fresh vegetables. Let us know if you’re missing something these days,” said Sun Zhimeng, a community grid member on Xinjian North Road, to Sister Li, a resident of Meihuayuan Community. Sister Li is a very poor person in the Xinjian North Road community. The community has been paying close attention to her. After the epidemic has subsided, she has visited her home many times. It is inconvenient for her to see if she has any food to eat, and is there anything she needs to help buy.. …. And people like Sister Li, Julun Street paid attention immediately.

The market is small The small “vegetable basket” “contains” the giant wheel and the people’s livelihood. To ensure the supply is to protect the people’s livelihood, and to stabilize the price is to stabilize the people’s hearts. During this silent period, Greatoo Street took the initiative to serve and use practical actions to protect the “price” of the residents in the jurisdiction and protect their homes. The “fireworks”.

Source: Xinghualing Team( Correspondent: Bai Shaojuan)