Yingze District, Taiyuan City: The order of production and life has been restored orderly

From 00:00 on November 28, the temporary silent management of Yingze District will be lifted in an orderly manner , implementing transitional control measures, which marks that the region’s current round of epidemic prevention and control has achieved phased results.

On the day of unblocking, “Yingze Release” went to restaurants, supermarkets, parks and enterprises to learn about life and production without unblocking Happening.

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“I was very excited when I heard the news that the temporary silent management was lifted in an orderly manner. The store initially implemented the “online sales, offline delivery” catering method, and no dine-in. After that , we will consider adjusting the business method according to the epidemic prevention and control policy.” The person in charge of a restaurant said happily while busy.

However, since the lockdown has just been lifted, the number of orders placed in the store today is relatively small, in contrast to the long shopping queues in front of many supermarkets.

“Everyone Put on a mask, show the ‘Health Code’, scan the site code, and take your body temperature…” In front of a supermarket on Kangle Street, the staff is strictly checking the “four elements” of people entering. A citizen queuing for shopping said that as long as he firmly believes in the party and the government, he will be able to overcome the epidemic and resume normal production and life as soon as possible.

On that day, “Yingze release” Visited several business circles successively. The relevant person in charge said that they will strictly follow the epidemic prevention and control regulations, and do a good job in preparations before opening for business, such as cleaning up the sanitation environment, disinfecting all dead spots, and counting the arrival of staff, etc. Citizens’ normal living needs.

Wear a mask to go to the park

“Please wear a mask and scan the place QR code, show the health code and itinerary card, take the initiative to measure body temperature! “On the morning of November 28, at the prompt of the staff of Yingze Park, citizen Ms. Gao took out her mobile phone to scan the site code, showed relevant information and entered the park.

Ms. Gao Said: “On the first day of unblocking, I was able to go for a walk in the park, breathe fresh air, and feel good. This is all thanks to the medical staff, community workers and volunteers who have made great contributions to the fight against the epidemic. I hope that every citizen can wear a mask when going out, abide by the epidemic prevention and control regulations in public places, and jointly protect the hard-won achievements in the fight against the epidemic. ”

After the temporary silent management was lifted in an orderly manner, Yingze Park, Nanhaizi Park and other parks will Citizens reopened. As soon as many citizens walked out of their homes, they couldn’t wait to go to their favorite parks to enjoy the scenery and breathe fresh air. Finally, they were able to let their minds fly in the wide sky and earth, and people had happy smiles on their faces.

However, letting go of the mood does not mean letting go of vigilance. The person in charge of Yingze Park said that after receiving the notice to open the park, they Notify the staff to work as soon as possible, and arrange special personnel to inspect and guide the work at each entrance. At the same time, clean and disinfect the park environment, and strive to create a clean, safe and hygienic garden environment for citizens.

Make up for the delayed progress< /span>

The sound of keyboard tapping one after another, the employees’ concentration, and the phone ringing from time to time… On the morning of that day, at Zhongtai Plaza, The employees of Shanxi Qinglu Jinhua Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. are busy working in their respective positions.

“After implementing the ‘four elements’ of epidemic prevention and control, we immediately convened a meeting with the heads of various departments to clarify production tasks and speed up the completion of backlogged orders and urgent orders from customers , and strive to do a good job in the collection and deployment of raw materials and the outsourcing of products.” said Wu Yu, chairman of the company.

Go all out to make up for the delayed progress. Blow the clarion call for resumption of work and production, strive to win the “double victory” of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, and welcome all enterprises to be “on the road”!

Source: Published by Yingze