It’s time to beat the drums

Weifang Binhai hydrogen energy comprehensive utilization project site.

Weifang Daily News from Weifang Financial Media From the busy construction site to the intelligent production workshop, the construction momentum of each major project is strong, injecting a steady stream of impetus into the high-quality development of Binhai .

On November 28, the reporter saw at the site of the first phase of Weifang Binhai Hydrogen Energy Comprehensive Utilization Project with a total investment of 20 million US dollars that the staff were installing and debugging the equipment, and the project was about to enter the trial production stage.

In Weifang Binhai hydrogen energy At the site of the comprehensive utilization project, the staff is installing and debugging the equipment.

The project mainly produces high-purity electronic grade, fuel grade hydrogen, liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen and other industrial gases, with an annual comprehensive production capacity of 17,000 tons. It is a key support project of the “Into Thousands of Homes” science and technology demonstration project.

“After the project is put into operation, it will provide high-purity hydrogen for industrial enterprises in our city and surrounding areas, and also provide refueling services for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, creating a ‘production and storage system’ at the supply end of the hydrogen energy industry chain. , Transportation, and Canada’ one-stop service.” Song Yongsheng, factory manager of Weifang Binhai Hydrogen Energy Comprehensive Utilization Project, introduced.

Since the beginning of this year, the Binhai District’s economy has shown a good trend of “stable improvement, progress and quality improvement”. “Projects are the support for high-quality development. By focusing on key industries, we vigorously carry out targeted investment promotion and industrial chain investment promotion, continue to optimize service measures, and accelerate project construction.” Wang Xinguo, deputy director of Binhai District Investment Development Promotion Center, said.

If the project is attracted, it must be settled and built well. In order to ensure the implementation of the project, Binhai District set up a special service class, and more than 400 service enterprise specialists fought on the front line to concentrate their efforts on the difficulties and pain points encountered in the progress of project construction to fight the “war of annihilation”, and go all out to promote the rapid construction of major projects , quick conversion, quick results.

Furong New Material (Shandong) project site.

A few days ago, at the construction site of the Furong New Materials (Shandong) project, the reporter saw that the equipment installation was nearing completion. The rapid construction of this project has benefited from Binhai District’s comprehensive services in project negotiation, land transfer, various procedures, and project construction.

“It took only one month after the project was signed, we got all the procedures required for the start of the project, and drew the ‘best path’ for the smooth progress of the project.” Furong New Materials (Shandong) Sun Qingxin, the project outreach manager, said that the post-service company commissioner will provide full-service services, actively help solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the project construction process, and help them complete the raw material warehouse, workshop, and finished product in less than a year. The main construction of 7 individual projects including warehouses and comprehensive buildings.

Only by doing a good job of “double recruiting and double attracting” can we “strengthen our muscles and strengthen our bones”. To ensure the completion of the annual goals and tasks, the Binhai District focuses on the goal of creating a “leading area for high-quality industrial agglomeration, a leading demonstration area for port-city integration, a green and low-carbon ecological development area, and a model area for reform, opening up and innovation”, and seizes the time window and time node , Based on advantageous industries such as marine chemical industry, new medicine, new materials, high-end equipment manufacturing, etc., it will rely on, listen to, coordinate and promote key investment projects, and promote high-quality development with high-quality projects.

“We have established 4 project libraries of negotiation, contract signing, project approval and construction, and organize a regional library project promotion meeting every week to clarify job responsibilities, carry out process tracking, implement sales number management, and focus on solving projects For the problems existing in the process of project approval and acceptance, we should focus on making up for the shortcomings of the work.” Wang Xinguo said.

When the wind is good, it is time to sail. Looking at the coastal land, leading enterprises, key parks, and key projects are gathering the majestic power of the “future city” development. Take the lead, double the energy, and sprint towards the annual goal at full speed.

Weifang Daily All-Media Reporter: Yu Fei/Wentu