From asking for leave to suspending school, and then to difficulty returning to school

From asking for leave to suspending school, to difficulty returning to school

If a child encounters troubles in school, such as failing a test, being criticized by the teacher , conflicts with classmates, feeling that they don’t understand, etc., they may be afraid of difficulties, do not want to go to school, and will ask for leave at the beginning, from one day to later, the more you ask, the more courses you miss, and as time goes by, It is possible to go through the formalities of suspending school. After suspending school, there is no adjustment to the learning status. If you stay at home for a long time, the order of life will be chaotic, and even black and white will be reversed. After the suspension of school is over, it will be difficult to return to school. It may be more difficult. Such students are not isolated, there are many.

If the child asks for leave, parents should understand the situation in time and do not preach. The mode is automatic, and you can hardly control it yourself. You need a professional psychological counselor to help you adjust it. If you adjust it in time, your child will be able to go to school normally in a few days.

If the adjustment is not timely at the beginning, school may be suspended later. Don’t think that the child will heal himself after a long time at home. It is actually impossible for the child to return to school when the time comes. Professional psychological counselors are needed to adjust, but the adjustment is difficult, and the lost knowledge needs to be supplemented.

The most troublesome problem now is that many children who have suspended school have difficulty returning to school. Without solving this problem, it will be impossible to return to school for as long as you stay at home.