Optimization upgrade just for you! The 1095 student psychological assistance hotline is guarding you 24 hours a day

Weifang Daily Weifang Media News Teaching and educating people starts from the “heart”. Mental health is the primary basis for the healthy growth of students. Recently, the closed school management and online teaching under the epidemic prevention and control have disrupted the original rhythm of life of many students, and it is easy to cause psychological problems such as depression, depression and anxiety, confusion and helplessness, and lack of security. The protracted “anti-epidemic war” is not only a “blocking war” to fight against the virus, but also a “defensive war” to do a good job in the “psychological epidemic prevention” of teachers and students.

In order to help teachers, students and parents to do a good job in psychological stress relief and emotional adjustment during the epidemic, and to enhance “psychological adjustment” and “psychological immunity” , since the new round of the epidemic, the Municipal Education Working Committee has quickly issued the “Notice on Further Strengthening the Mental Health Education and Guidance of Teachers and Students During the Epidemic Period”, which is the first priority for establishing and improving the mental health prevention system and building a “psychological Great Wall” for epidemic prevention and control. Time to make arrangements for deployment. The Municipal Education Bureau quickly cooperated with the county and urban education administrative departments to professionally integrate and systematically upgrade the original mental health education hotlines. And qualified teachers provide public welfare, professional, standardized and convenient mental health services for students online 24 hours a day.

Weifang Daily All-media reporter: Wang Yeni/ Text

Responsible editor: Feng Xiaojian