It’s Taiwan University’s turn

[Text/Observer Network Zhou Yibo]

On the evening of August 7, some netizens on the island found that the web pages of the Office of Academic Affairs and the Office of Research and Development of National Taiwan University were changed to a red background with the words “There is only one China in the world”. make similar substitutions.

At about 22:30 that night, National Taiwan University issued a statement saying that for the abnormal situation of the webpage, the school has launched a contingency procedure to actively repair it. At present, the two webpages are closed first, and they will be re-launched after the processing is completed. Some Taiwanese media reported that the National Taiwan University was suspected of being hacked, and pointed out that since the US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan, many units on the island have been attacked by cyberattacks.

On the evening of the 7th, National Taiwan UniversityScreenshot of the Office of Academic Affairs

After searching, as of the time of writing, the webpages of the Office of Academic Affairs and the Office of Research and Development of National Taiwan University are displayed as “maintenance” and cannot be accessed normally.

On the morning of the 8th, a screenshot of the website of the Office of Academic Affairs of National Taiwan University

According to a previous report by, on the evening of August 6, during the live broadcast of the well-known green media “Minshi News” on the island, the screen suddenly switched to a map of China, with the text “China’s territorial sovereignty, no outside interference” and “China’s territorial sovereignty”. Nothing less”, and the background music was changed to “Me and My Motherland”.

A live video recorded by some netizens showed that the aforementioned picture lasted for several minutes before it resumed, causing a burst of exclamations from the onlookers in the live broadcast room.

Subsequently, “Minshi News” issued a statement to confirm the incident, saying that the TV broadcast was normal, and only the network broadcast was affected. Content is different.

When the live broadcast screen of “Minshi News” is abnormal, screenshots of netizens chatting in the live broadcast room

According to a number of Taiwanese media reports, on August 3, a hacker group claiming to be “APT27” uploaded a video on YouTube saying that under the influence of Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, it would launch a special cyber operation against Taiwan, targeting Taiwan’s government website. and infrastructure.

On the 7th, “APT27” uploaded a video on YouTube again to indicate that its operation was temporarily over, and said that it had attacked Taiwan’s “Ministry of the Interior Police Administration”, “General Highway Administration of the Ministry of Transportation”, Taiwan Electric Power, the Internet of Things of Jinzhiyang Technology Co., Ltd. Router, Caijin Information Company, Shennao International Company and other targets, and announced that it has more than 200,000 Taiwanese networking devices under its control.

“APT27” made it clear, “If you (DPP authorities) continue to provoke the situation, we will be back, good luck.”

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