It’s really cool to take a trip that says go and go

It’s really fun to go on a walk-away trip with your family!

This time, my parents took us to Dali, Yunnan, and just found a magical phenomenon there, just when we saw the sky was When it’s cloudy, you can see the sun as soon as you turn around, so please don’t be discouraged when you are sad, disappointed, and sad, the haze will eventually pass, and maybe it will be different from another angle.~

To the Lonely Brave It must be very familiar, haha, this time I also became a “Mushroom Warrior” in Dali once, picking mushrooms in the forest with my uncle professor. Our goal is to find 5 small mushrooms in the forest, but the forest is really big, and it is not easy to find it. It took me a long time to find it. But it is also full of harvest. I learned that some mushrooms can be eaten, and some must not be eaten, especially the ones that are good-looking, otherwise, they will lie on the board after eating. These are usually learned in textbooks. Knowledge, but I think it is not only limited to the knowledge in textbooks. It can be combined with life and go to nature to experience it deeply. You will have a different feeling, and it is also very happy to learn!

I also saw alpaca in Dali< /span>

It’s called Kabu, it’s very cute, it feels sticky to the touch, it’s very comfortable to hold, you can pull it to play together, and We take pictures together. This is the Dali Alpaca Hobbit House.As soon as you enter the manor, you can see a retro log cabin and a large rose field, and you can bring a small basket for picking roses And the straw hat, It’s beautiful to take pictures~ It’s like walking into a fairy tale world.

This time we took ethnic photos again, The last time I took pictures of the Dai people with my mother, this time, we experienced the Hani costumes, it’s really beautiful, the makeup lady painted me and my mother really beautiful, and there is a rainbow on it And Xiaoyunduo, quack quack quack to the young lady. Haha, let me show you the photos~

You can also take your children on a walk-and-go trip during work breaks. It’s really cool, just relax!