summer flowers

● Yan and Fei

Under the bright sun, the flowers on the streets of Liuzhou are blooming and touching. Photo by Xu Xu

Walking through Longcheng in summer, I see some flowers from time to time on the road, some are very familiar, some are not so familiar.

I often see oleanders. In my impression, oleanders have been “beautiful alone” for a long time. Oleanders bloom from early summer until the end of summer. Oleanders are colorful and splendid. For example, the oleanders on the Yanghe Bridge River embankment are open against the railings. There are white, pink and pink-white ones, swaying densely on the branches, like a very spring scene. Oleanders are like peach blossoms but not like peach blossoms. For example, the peach blossoms in Dalongtan Park bloom all night. There are flower-viewers everywhere before and after the flowers, and the circle of friends has also been swiped – it seems to be short. Just a few dozen days of gorgeousness, in response to the love that Longcheng people have accumulated for a year. Compared with peach blossoms, oleander, which is also blooming vigorously, is almost silent, and its information is rarely seen in the circle of friends.

I paid attention to the Liuzhou Linyuan official account and learned that oleander has a strong ability to purify the air, but it is toxic. Perhaps it is different from Liuzhou people’s straightforward and unrestrained confession to peach blossoms. It is a kind of long-lasting love that they are not disturbed by oleander and allow it to be “beautiful alone”.

The common crape myrtle flower, the petals are as thin as gauze, and the petals are like the edge of the fungus of the court. The bees prefer this flower cluster, and they should not forget to praise when they are busy: It is so beautiful!

The first time I saw crape myrtle was at a normal school many years ago. The school has a pavilion with a history of more than 200 years called Dongpo Pavilion, which was built to commemorate a generation of writer Su Shi who once lived in Lianzhou, Hepu. Su Dongpo once said, “The little minister is willing to test the crape myrtle and call it praise”, so a tall crape myrtle was planted in front of the pavilion. The stem of the crape myrtle is smooth and clean, like no bark, and the fine purple flowers are densely blooming on the highest branch, which looks a little noble, a little fairy, and a little mysterious.

The river embankment road has a middle isolation zone, where a row of crape myrtle grows in a thousand manners, the branches are thin and long, and a large number of flowers pile up on the branches, bending the branches into a beautiful arc, a little bit. In the wind, the crape myrtle swayed endlessly. Passing by in the car, it was like seeing a long-lost emotion.

Lotus is also really beautiful! The budding, half-open, and fully blooming lotus flowers have a pure temperament that goes deep into the bone marrow, “out of the mud but not stained, clear and clean but not demonic”, what a precious and noble. Think about how much people like to be innocent and clean, and how much they like the pure and extraordinary lotus.

Queshan Park has a large lotus pond. There is a waterway in the center of the pond. The reflection of Queer Mountain is reflected in the water. Outside the waterway, the water surface is blocked by scattered lotus leaves. In the green, like a quiet Chinese painting. White space is the ultimate beauty of the artistic conception of Chinese painting. I have seen lotus flowers here many times, and it is a perfect Chinese painting.

The hibiscus flower in love is more beautiful than all summer flowers. There are five hibiscus trees in the community, which are distributed in the middle of two rows of red brick firewood houses. The flowers and trees are lush, and the big nine-red flowers are bright and colorful, and the stamens are slender and stick out beyond the petals. This unique stamen seems to concretize the abstract thoughts.

In a small courtyard with hibiscus, a mother tied a five-year-old girl with braids. The mother finally inserted a surprisingly large hibiscus flower into the girl’s braid, which made the girl giggle. That little girl is me. The overlapping length of my mother’s lifeline is limited, and my memory of my mother is limited. In my limited memory, my mother and Hibiscus are the happiest parts. When you are not happy, just stay with Zhu Jinhua for a while longer.

My friend’s balcony is like a small flowerbed, and the records of summer flowers on the balcony are updated every so often, some of which I have never seen before. Come to think of it, how many plants do I miss out on blooming this season?

One morning, I was riding through the Dongluo Road Branch Road in Liudong New District, and I saw two rows of Magnolia road trees in the distance. I smelled the fragrance of Magnolia, so I jumped off the bike and looked for it as I walked. Magnolia hiding among the leaves. I really want to take them off like when I was young, pass them through the flower stems with soft silk threads, and wear them on my wrist, so that I will feel like I have the best summer in Longcheng!