It’s hot at the top and cold at the bottom, the root is blocked here! One kneading and two tonics, open the blockage, let the body cold and heat convection

Around us, there is such a kind of people: get angry all the year round, always have mouth ulcers, tongue sores, sore throat, insomnia, and at the same time show many body cold symptoms, such as The tongue is fat and big, the thenar is blue, and the lower limbs are cold.

In terms of diet, this group of people is also very “difficult to serve “If you eat something hot, you will get angry, if you eat something cold, you will hurt your yang, you can only eat warm things.

Next, I will tell you about this kind of physique in detail How should people deal with it.

Heat in the upper part and cold in the lower part, a common but tormenting constitution

From the perspective of cold and heat, in fact, a very simple standard of human health is: head Be cool and keep your feet warm. According to the theory of yin and yang, yang is at the bottom and rises from the bottom, and yin is at the top and falls from the top. This is called “yin and yang interaction”, so the human body is peaceful and healthy.

However, there is a kind of person in life that is completely reversed. The yin and yang in the body are reversed, the upper body is hot, and the lower body is cold. Yin dominates descending. Yang is always up, and yin is always down, that is, yin and yang are separated, and no sympathy can be produced, and people will naturally be unhealthy. Chinese medicine calls this state heat in the upper part and cold in the lower part.

It’s hot, where is the heat? Heat in the head and face, such as: recurrent mouth ulcers, sore throat, swollen gums, acne, insomnia.

It’s cold, it’s cold where? Cold in the waist and knees, cold in the extremities, for example: the stomach often feels cold, the hands and feet are not warm, intolerance to cold food, frequent urination at night.

The most troublesome thing about the upper heat and the lower cold is that these people are also very sensitive in terms of diet. , Fried hot things will get angry, and eating cold things that clear heat, cold drinks, and cold food will cause diarrhea.

How did this painful phenomenon come about?

1. Excessive cold evil, rising yang energy< /span>

When modern people do not After eating a large amount of cold fruits and vegetables in different seasons, when people use air conditioners for a long time in summer, when women wear as little clothes as possible to show their figure, a large amount of cold and dampness is quietly entering the body, and the natural kidney fire is getting stronger. The more insufficient.

Insufficient firepower leads to excessive cold and evil in the body, which will repel Yang Qi outside, and Yang Qi will float up and disperse outward, which will manifest as upper heat Like, people will have symptoms of getting angry. In other words, body cold is the root cause of getting angry.

2. The middle road is blocked and the body is blocked

When the fire above does not come down, the water below does not come up, and the upper and lower barriers gradually form, the spleen and stomach of the middle burner will be blocked and the road will be blocked.

The occlusion of the middle road accelerates the formation of a constitution that is hot at the top and cold at the bottom. In the circular movement of the body, the fire will descend and the water will rise. There must be a force to push it, and this force is Zhongqi, which is the key to the movement of Qi.

The central qi is produced by the spleen and stomach. If the spleen and stomach are weak, the central qi will be insufficient, and then the temper will not rise and the stomach qi will not fall—kidney water If you can’t take advantage of the rise of temper and ascend upwards to relieve the heart fire, people will have problems such as redness, heat, pain, and irritability due to excessive heart fire; at the same time, the heart fire cannot rely on the decline of stomach qi to sink downwards to warm the kidneys Without water, people will suffer from chills, dysmenorrhea, diarrhea, and cold lower limbs due to insufficient kidney yang.

This kind of situation is mainly due to physical impediment, good things can’t go where they should go, the whole body’s Qi movement is not smooth, stuck, At this point, the physique with upper heat and lower cold is finally formed.

Replenishment and diarrhea are not enough, where is the way out?

People with this constitution can neither use tonics nor laxatives, because As soon as you mend it, you will get angry, which can be said to add fuel to the fire. I feel uncomfortable when I have diarrhea, which can be said to be colder than colder.

What should I do?

A common misunderstanding is to clear the heat first and then warm up. Going in, this idea is quite good, but in the actual operation, it is neglected that the physique of upper heat and lower cold has formed at this time, and it is not in the initial state. Continue to clear the heat and purify the fire, it will only aggravate the condensation of the ice below, and go back to the above mentioned The mechanism of excessive cold and evil makes this dead knot more and more solid.

Actually, we understand how the upper heat and lower cold are generated step by step in the second point above, so we can solve this step by step, It will open this knot.

So the adjustment direction is to open the blockage of the middle road, once the middle road canWhen you reopen the body, the heat and cold will automatically convect. It seems that when the room is stuffy and hot, you just open the windows, and the air will convect, and the heat and cold will naturally be evened out. The excess heat above will warm the insufficient ice below, and the use of cold water below will restrict the heat above.

How to open the block in the middle?

The most common is the deficiency and cold of the lower energizer, which leads to the weakness of the spleen and stomach, causing the qi movement to be unable to pivot and blocking the road, resulting in unhappiness in the heart If the kidney water does not rise, the natural water and fire will not be relieved. Opening up the air conditioner of the middle coke operation channel will naturally lead to the downward movement of the fire.

Huang Yuanyu, a famous physician in the Qing Dynasty, drew a picture of the human body’s qi movement, Among them, the heart governs the fire, which is at the top, and the heart fire should go down to warm the kidney water so that the kidney water is not cold; Too exuberant. Such a state is called water rising and fire falling, and when water and fire are in harmony, such a body is great.

If the heart fire keeps going up, the kidney water keeps sinking, and the yin and yang are separated, you are you, it is it, the two Without any intersection, the so-called upper heat and lower cold in Chinese medicine appear. By adjusting the qi mechanism, let the water rise and the fire fall, and the heart and kidney intersect. Once this process is completed, the cold and heat will be convected.

1. Knead the middle focus to help the body move in a circle< /p>

Traditional Chinese medicine says that “abdomen should be massaged frequently”. There is no place on the whole body that is better than the abdomen. Food is better digested, and it can also help the Qi function of the spleen and stomach to keep up and down.

The method is: Do it on an empty stomach or 2 hours after a meal, with the navel as the center, along the ascending colon, In the direction of the transverse colon and descending colon, clockwise, the right hand presses the left hand, the spiral gradually expands, and then spirals back to the navel. Pay attention to the first method of rubbing lightly, the second is to stick tightly, and the third is not to use violence.

When lying on the bed every night, massage like this for 5-10 minutes, you will obviously feel the lower abdomen warm up slowly, very comfortable, Make the Qi and blood in the internal organs run smoothly and have sufficient vitality. The up and down are in harmony, the clear is raised and the turbid is lowered, the old is removed and the new is born.

2. Sweeten the spleen and rebuild the pivoting power of the spleen and stomach

The stomach is in charge of receiving, and the spleen is in charge of transportation and transformation. Acceptance refers to receiving and accommodating water and grains for decomposing. Transporting and transforming refers to transshipment and transformation, including the functions of digesting water and grains, transforming nourishing blood, transfusing cloth essence, transporting and transforming water and dampness, etc.

The function of the spleen and stomach is like the soil in nature, which can grow all things, so it is also called “middle soil”. “Transportation” is a special function of “Zhongtu”. It plays an important role in maintaining the normal operation of yin and yang, water and fire, and visceral qi in the human body, lifting and lowering transportation, and helping each other for use.

For people with upper heat and lower cold, due to the long-term lack of heat in the lower burner, the transportation and transformation ability of the spleen and stomach will also decline, just like the home The principle of cooking with a gas stove is the same. If the firepower under the pot is not enough, how can you cook delicious food?

How to supplement and promote the transportation and transformation of the spleen and stomach?

Chinese medicine believes that the spleen likes sweetness and warmth. Yang.” Sweet and warm can help the spleen yang to rise and send out. It is suitable for the deficiency of spleen yang and sagging vitality. Buzhong Yiqi Decoction, Shengyang Yiwei Decoction, etc., all use sweet and warm products. Sijunzi Decoction commonly used in clinical practice, Liujunzi soup is also mainly sweet and warm.

Friends who suffer from upper heat and lower cold, have you gained anything after reading it?