People who are afraid of the cold in winter should moxibustion two acupoints and drink a soup to replenish yang qi, nourish qi and blood, and survive the winter warmly

< span>Some people have cold hands and feet in winter, and it is about to enter the coldest period of the year. For those who are afraid of cold, it is really unfriendly. To be honest, there are many friends around me who suffer from the problem of being afraid of the cold and having cold hands and feet.

Causes of cold hands and feet to see which kind you belong

Then, in winter, the limbs are cold, sleep is not warm, wearing cotton pants and down, but when the wind blows, people are still very afraid of the cold, why?


Yang deficiency and body cold

Traditional Chinese medicine says that cold hands and feet are a kind of ” “closed syndrome”, the so-called “closed” means that it is blocked. Due to the influence of overeating cold food, cold medicine, long-term fatigue, cold weather or cold body, the liver veins are cold and the hematopoietic function of the liver is affected. , leading to insufficient kidney yang and cold limbs.

Kidney yang deficiency Weakness, warm negligence, unable to warm the waist and knees, so the waist and knees are sore, cold, and painful; the kidney is located in the lower burner, and the kidney yang is lost in warmth, so it is seen that the cold limbs are cold, especially the lower limbs.

And the main Qi in winter is cold, and cold is Yin Evil can easily injure the body’s yang qi. Yang qi can control yin, but when yin and cold are too strong, yang qi is not only not enough to drive away cold evil, but is insulted by yin and cold. It is Yang disease.” Yang Qi is damaged and lost in warmth, which will cause the body to appear cold.

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Insufficient qi and blood, heat energy cannot be transmitted to the limbs

Chinese medicine believes that hands and feet tend to be cold, which is mostly related to the “qi and blood” of the human body. Due to deficiency of qi and blood caused by poor circulation of blood and insufficient blood volume, the body appears as a deficiency of qi and blood.

Weak Qi and blood , promote the blood to run weakly, the heat in the blood cannot be transmitted to the limbs to resist the invasion of cold evil, especially the fingers and toes of the limbs, so when the temperature drops, these people feel “frozen hands and feet”, which is more severe than ordinary people. Afraid of the cold.

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Uncomfortable liver qi, qi, blood and yang qi cannot flow< /span>

There is another kind of fear of cold, which is that the extremities are cold, especially the hands and feet, but it is not cold when it reaches the arms up.

This kind of situation is often caused by liver qi being uncomfortable and emotional If it is not good, it leads to the Sini syndrome, which is that the liver qi cannot be ventilated, resulting in stagnation of qi and blood, occlusion of yang qi inside, unable to reach the extremities, and causing the extremities to be cold.

In this case, you cannot warm the sun, but It needs to soothe the liver and regulate qi.

One year In the coldest season in China, I will teach you how to warm up against the cold


People with yang deficiency: soak feet, bask in the sun to replenish yang and drive away cold

Traditional Chinese medicine has many methods for warming yang and eliminating dampness, such as soaking feet, sunbathing, and moxibustion are all very good methods.

01. Sun 10~ 15 minutes to the sun.

Cao Tingdong, a famous doctor in the Qing Dynasty, wrote in “Health Essays”: The sun is clear and the wind is calm, sitting under the south window with the sun behind it, what Liezi called “the joy of the negative sun”. The spine must be slightly warm, so that the whole body can be in harmony. The sun is the essence of the sun, its light strengthens the yang energy and is extremely beneficial.

One yang qi The simple way is to sunbathe your back. The body’s first line of defense against cold and evil is the bladder meridian of foot sun.

When the sun is out, go out and get more sun In the sun, when the sun is not out, you can also use the heater to bake against the back until the whole body is warm. It is best to be able to sneezes a few times to drive out the cold in the body and have enough yang.

Fengchi Point

Baihui Point

In daily life, we can do a simple version of sun moxibustion, at 12 o’clock in the noon, under the sun, slightly turn the head Lower down, let the Fengchi point on the back of the neck and the Baihui point on the top of the head bask in the sun for about 10 to 15 minutes.

02. Soak your feet with mugwort leaves before going to bed.

If the sun is not enough , or the weather is too cold, you don’t want to bask in the sun outdoors, and moxibustion is too troublesome, of course, warming your feet is the first choice, and warming up the body first warms the roots, so that our feet will warm up, and the body will naturally warm up.

The warmth of the feet can affect the warmth of our whole body blood circulation. There are 12 meridians in the human body, 6 in each of the hands and feet, which are the three yin of the foot, the three yang of the foot, the three yin of the hand and the three yang of the hand, and they are connected to each other. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the fire will rise upwards. By warming the feet, it can drive the flow of Qi and blood, and warm the whole body through the connected meridians. It can effectively prevent cold evil from invading the human body and damaging Yang Qi.

Ai Yeneng” Dispelling cold and dampness, clearing the twelve meridians.” Soak feet with mugwort leaves to dispel cold and dampness, improve physical fitness, promote smooth foot meridians and blood circulation. With the help of the power of wormwood, it warms the yang and dispels the cold, promotes qi and blood circulation. When the body is warmed up, the movement of qi will be smooth, so that the accumulated cold in the body can be smoothly taken away.

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People with qi and blood deficiency: longan and jujube to nourish qi and blood

Common medicines for invigorating qi and blood include astragalus, codonopsis, angelica, white peony root, donkey-hide gelatin, etc.

Let’s talk about the popular diet therapy , These foods that replenish qi and blood “medicine and food have the same origin” are both medicine and food, so you don’t have to worry about overfilling and getting angry.

These medicinal and edible foods are: Longan , jujube. Very common ingredients, have the effect of calming the nerves and replenishing qi and blood. If you suffer from mild insomnia caused by blood deficiency, eat longan and red dates for a period of time, and it will improve.

Recommend a soup for nourishing qi and blood: Chicken soup with longan and wolfberry.

Method: half a bowl of longan meat , Goji berry is half less than longan, black-bone chicken is better for chicken, a little ginger, green onion, and salt. Put the black-bone chicken in the casserole until the amount of water is less than the chicken, then add all the ingredients, turn the pot to a low heat, simmer for 1 hour, and finally add a little salt to taste.