It is necessary to balance strict prevention and relaxation to bring life back to normal

At the moment of the epidemic, the new twenty items are being implemented, but it needs to be explored in practice, not an either-or relation.

The new 20 Articles are optimization measures, not relaxation measures, nor are they relaxation measures. Many people have misunderstood this. On the contrary, the new 20 Articles are not a measure of strict prevention, let alone a sword to enforce silence and control. It is really difficult to implement here. For example, if there is a positive test in a hole on the first floor, it is difficult to find out the speed and area of ​​transmission if only the hole in the building is closed and the community is not silenced. And once the whole community is silent, it will violate the spirit of the New Twenty Articles.

These three Years, the common people are very difficult. Especially the self-employed and part-time workers, they are often under the pressure of no income once they are closed, and even the rented stores have to pay rent normally. And many young people work in factories and enterprises, often stop working without paying wages and have to pay rent.

It is also difficult for managers who are engaged in sealing and controlling silence. In the past three years, I have been wearing the stars and wearing the moon, rain or shine, as both a manager and an implementer, especially the community workers at the grassroots level. A little carelessness will cause conflicts between the manager and the managed.

Recently, Many experts have voiced their support for the optimization of epidemic prevention measures, and ordinary people are also looking forward to the implementation of practical epidemic prevention measures that are closer to their lives. I hope to balance the degree of strict prevention and relaxation, so that ordinary people can freely earn money to support their families, cities can be freely active, and the country can freely accept the new and leave the old…