Staying up late to watch the World Cup, Dr. Songjiang reminded: Do what you can, be vigilant about your health and show a “red card”

Right now, the World Cup soccer match is in full swing, and many fans stay up all night to watch it. In this regard, experts from the Department of Endocrinology, Cardiology and other departments of Sijing Hospital reminded that although sports competitions make people excited, staying up late is harmful. Fans and friends should arrange the time for watching games reasonably to avoid excessive staying up late and harming health.

Du Xiujuan, deputy chief physician of the Department of Cardiology, said that staying up late is harmful to cardiovascular greater impact. In the process of staying up late, the heart rate increases, the blood pressure increases, and the nerve electrical signal conduction in the myocardial tissue is unstable, which is prone to arrhythmia. Not only that, the blood vessels are more fragile at night, and overjoy and sorrow, and being too excited can easily lead to the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, Du Xiujuan reminded to maintain a normal mind when watching the game, and not to “go into a rage” because the favorite team was overthrown, which would affect your health.

Department of Endocrinology Chief Physician Gai Xianying said that staying up late to watch football will also affect endocrine, which will lead to a series of adverse consequences. “Human hormone secretion is characterized by a circadian rhythm. Some endocrine hormones are secreted more during the day, and some are secreted more at night. If you stay up late for a long time to watch the game and get emotionally excited, it will lead to endocrine disorders.” He said, After endocrine disorders, a series of metabolisms such as sugar metabolism and protein metabolism will be affected, causing symptoms such as acne on the face, ugly complexion, etc. In severe cases, it will also cause disorders of the immune system and cause diseases such as diabetes. In addition, staying up late has a great impact on the kidneys. “After falling asleep, only a small number of nephrons are working in the kidneys. Staying up late will cause all the nephrons to run at high speed for a long time. If things go on like this, the kidneys will be damaged and cause kidney disease.” Gai Xianying introduced. In addition, staying up late can also damage the liver. The liver is a very important detoxification organ. Staying up late will lead to abnormal metabolism of excessive toxins, which will precipitate into the liver, damage liver cells, and cause elevated transaminases.

Chinese medicine doctor Zhu Chenjun said that in Chinese medicine, staying up late hurts yin, that is, yin blood and yin essence. “The heart governs the blood. Staying up late is prone to palpitation, palpitations, chest tightness, and even the risk of myocardial ischemia and arrhythmia.” He introduced that the liver stores blood and the kidney stores essence. If the liver and kidney essence are insufficient due to staying up late, there will be pain in the waist and knees, Disturbed symptoms of women’s menstrual period, if the yin injury does not control the yang, that is, when the yang energy in the body is too strong, there will be a series of symptoms of getting angry. He said that fans can reduce the adverse effects of staying up late by drinking less alcohol and choosing healthy late-night snacks such as fruit, yogurt, and instant oatmeal. Also, it can be beneficial to get up and move around mid-race. If you are excited and insomnia after the game, you can take a hot bath and listen to light music to help you fall asleep. If you feel unwell and send out a “surrender signal”, you need to do what you can, choose a game and watch, and if the situation deteriorates further, you must seek medical treatment in time.

Text: Gui Kexin

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