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Author: Lin Xifeng

Bamboo noise returns to Huannu, the lotus moves down the fishing boat.

When I was a child, the women of the village gathered by the river to wash their clothes, beating with a mallet and chatting about the recent gossip in the village. Our kids gathered around and played happily. The riverside is not only a place to wash clothes, but also a social place, which is a good memory of childhood.

Now the days of washing clothes by the river are gone. Living in a building suite, the laundry position has also been transferred from the river to the home, so the laundry tank has become an indispensable equipment for every household.

Laundry tank function

The laundry tub is definitely a housewife’s favorite, Men who don’t do laundry probably don’t understand how important the laundry tub really is. The best partner of the washing machine, it is used frequently. It can not only wash clothes, but also take into account the functions of soaking and rubbing clothes. No hunched over, no need to run around, no need to get tired of washing clothes for a long time. It can also be used as a mop pond and a fish pond.

Types of laundry tubs

Individual laundry tubs

The independent laundry tank has only a reservoir and a washboard, and a width of 60-100 cm. It does not have the function of accommodating a washing machine. It is suitable for balconies with a width of less than 110 cm. With its own washboard, you can wash clothes normally, but the space utilization rate is slightly lower.

Because the overall width is not large, it is very suitable for the balcony where the washing machine is stacked, and it also supports cutting corners and custom sizes.

On-board laundry tub

The laundry tub on the machine is in A shallow sink is added above the position of the washing machine. There are two types of basins on single machine and double machine.

Because the height of the washing machine is 85cm, the overall height of the washing tank cannot be too high, which leads to The depth of the sink is not enough, the function of washing clothes can only be said to be barely sufficient, it is easy to draw water out, and it is impossible to soak clothes.

Suitable for limited balcony space, two washing machines or dryers can be placed flat, because they cannot be stacked by the window release situation. Because it is not very practical, there is no other choice, and this is not recommended.

Washer sink

washing machine sink It is the most practical type at present. The laundry tank has its own washing machine position and washboard, and the clothes are directly put into the washing machine after washing, which is very convenient. The pool is deep enough to soak clothes, wash mops, and raise fish. The cupboard can also store daily sundries such as laundry detergent and soap.

For special cases such as non-standard size, balcony guarantee, etc., it can be customized by cutting corners, and the laundry tank can be perfectly attached Close the wall, make full use of the balcony space, both beautiful and practical. The width of the balcony is more than 110 cm, this laundry sink is highly recommended.

It is not recommended to use the wash basin and laundry sink. Although the appearance is very high, it only has the function of washing hands, and it cannot wash clothes, and it is very inconvenient to wash clothes.

Laundry tank material

The material of the laundry sink countertop is artificial quartz stone, one piece Forming, it can be processed into various complex shapes. When encountering dimensional errors, it can be directly cut and modified on the installation site.

The mainstream colors are black, white and gray to choose from. However, the white color is easy to turn yellow after a long time, which affects the appearance.

Slate countertop + ceramic basin is not recommended, there is no front side water blocking, easy to draw water out . If there is an error in the size, the slate cannot be cut on site. The ceramic basin is fixed on the rock slab by marble glue alone, and frequent rubbing of clothes can easily cause the basin body to fall off.

The current mainstream materials for the laundry tank cabinet are carbon fiber, solid wood, space aluminum and honeycomb aluminum. Carbon fiber is not recommended. Although the name is fashionable, it has nothing to do with real carbon fiber at all. It is essentially a better plastic. The balcony is exposed to the wind and the sun, and it is easy to become brittle and weathered for a long time, and its lifespan is short.

The solid wood material is also not recommended. The balcony is exposed to the wind, sun and rain, which is easy to crack and deform.

The materials of space aluminum and honeycomb aluminum are recommended, the texture is sturdy and durable, suitable for balconies with harsh environments. The quality and price of honeycomb aluminum laundry cabinets are higher than those of space aluminum. If the budget is sufficient, choose honeycomb aluminum directly.

Pre-embedded water and electricity

The laundry tub should be designed in the early stage of decoration The location, arrange the water and electricity. If there is a corner on the wall, the basin should be designed on the side with the corner. If there is no corner, it should be designed on the left side, so that the clothes in the washing machine can be easily accessed with the right hand.

Because it is necessary to supply power and water to the washing machine and the small kitchen treasure at the same time, it is necessary to place 2 water levels, 2 electric potentials, and 2 drains in the place where the basin is placed. Be sure to install a water-storage small kitchen treasure, which can produce hot water quickly, wash clothes in winter without freezing hands, and can soak clothes in hot water.

A potential is arranged on the sink, and a cabinet light can be installed later, which is convenient for washing clothes at night. Cabinet lights must choose a plug-in induction model, which saves charging and switching lights, which is very convenient.

Installation time

If there is a door cover on the balcony, it must be before the door The cover is installed to prevent the door cover from being installed, and the laundry tank cannot enter.

Summary of dry goods

❶Preference will be given to washing machine tubs, which are made of space aluminum and honeycomb aluminum.

❷ During the hydropower construction stage, the layout of the laundry tank should be considered, and the hydropower should be pre-buried.

❸The balcony wall can’t be completely vertical, so the cut corner laundry trough may have to be cut on site.

❹Be sure to install cabinet lights, it is very convenient to do laundry at night.

❺The water storage type kitchen treasure must be installed, and the hands will not freeze when washing clothes in winter.

❻ If a laundry tub is installed, you can do without a mop pool.

Price List of Laundry Tubs

Single Laundry Tub 60cm 400 yuan

On-machine basin single 70cm 700 RMB

Double basins on the machine 1100 yuan

Washing machine washing tank1.3m honeycomb aluminum 950 yuan

Washing trough1.3m space aluminum 800 yuan

Write at the end

The laundry trough is already an indispensable equipment for modern home decoration, according to the balcony According to the actual situation, choose the most suitable one for you, so that you can save worry and effort when doing laundry! If you don’t know what kind of laundry sink is suitable for your home, and how to design a laundry sink, welcome to communicate in the comment area!