It is advisable to “raise yang” in winter. It is recommended for middle-aged and elderly people: often eat “3 black and 2 red” to be in good spirits and look good

Winter is a season of “Yin prosperity and Yang decline”. Once the human body’s yang energy is invaded by cold air, the whole person will become very weak. Therefore, in winter, middle-aged and elderly people must do a good job of keeping warm, and eat some food that dispels cold and nourishes yang in their diet, so that they can live a healthy and warm winter.

Experts suggest that in cold winter, you can eat more black and red foods, which can not only replenish energy for the body, but also Keep warm. For example, the following “3 blacks and 2 reds”, eaten by middle-aged and elderly people in winter, can nourish enough qi and blood, improve the body’s ability to resist the cold, and make the whole person better.

“3 black”

1. Black sesame

The middle-aged and elderly people supplement their bodies with protein in winter It is an extremely urgent matter, and the protein contained in black sesame is very superior, even comparable to meat. Moreover, it is also rich in calcium. Middle-aged and elderly people often eat it to supplement nutrition, and their bodies will become stronger and stronger.


However, eating too much black sesame can easily cause gastrointestinal discomfort. It is recommended that you choose Seven degrees square five black cake. It steams the dark and bright black sesame seeds for many times, and fry them on a low fire. It is matched with black beans and black rice, which are also grains, as the main ingredients, and black wolfberry and mulberries are used as auxiliary materials. Better absorption and digestion.

Qidu Fangwu Black Cake is flavored with maltose and no sucrose is added, so there will be no Sweet and greasy, it melts immediately after tasting. After chewing, it feels soft and sweet. The rich black sesame flavor is mixed with the taste of grains. The taste is very unique and worth a taste.

2. Black fungus

Black fungus has the praise of “meat in vegetables”, has high nutritional value, and is rich in various nutrients needed by the human body Trace elements are also essential black ingredients for winter tonic. What we usually store at home is dried black fungus, which can be used to make cold dishes after soaking, or fried with other ingredients before eating.

It is recommended that you can make a fried yam with black fungus. Yam is also a very nourishing ingredient. It is warm and nourishing when paired with black fungus dry. The yam tastes soft, glutinous and sweet, and the black fungus is crisp and smooth. The combination of black and white collides with a different kind of delicacy, which is delicious and not fattening.

3. Black beans

There is a folk saying: “To live longer, eat black beans.” It can be seen that food like black beans has many benefits for middle-aged and elderly people. In addition to being rich in nutrients, it also has substances such as “anthocyanins”, which can effectively moisturize the skin and relieve the discomfort caused by dry weather in winter.

Black soybeans are difficult to digest, so middle-aged and elderly people can try Sanchuangui black soybean milk powder, instant soybean milk It is easier to brew the powder, and it is made of pure ingredients of black beans and black rice. A small amount of maltitol is used for sweetening, without any additions, so it is safer to drink.

Weather Cold, drink a cup of steaming Sanchuangui black soybean milk powder in the morning with breakfast, the rich bean aroma wakes up the taste buds that have been sleeping all night, and the heat reaches the lower abdomen along the intestinal tract, warming the whole body, accompanied by A slightly sweet fragrance to start a good day.

“2 Red”

1, sweet potato

As the saying goes, “Eat sweet potatoes in winter, you will be safe To the Great Heat”, sweet potatoes that are on the market in large quantities in winter are sweet, soft and glutinous, delicious and nutritious, and not expensive. Moreover, it is rich in a lot of dietary fiber. If middle-aged and elderly people have poor digestion, eating sweet potatoes can help promote gastrointestinal motility.

Sweet potato has high starch content but low fat content, which is easy to absorb and digest, and it is very storage-resistant, so you can store more at home Eat it slowly, and there are many ways to eat it. It is very good for middle-aged and elderly people to cook porridge, steam food, or make sweet potato buns.

2. Red dates

It is very cold in winter, and many middle-aged and elderly people are very afraid of the cold. Be sure to eat more red dates to help restore qi and blood, strengthen your physique to a certain extent, make your complexion bright and rosy, and make you look more energetic.

Red dates are sweet and sweet, and many people use it as an ingredient in porridge, but it tastes better when used in pastries surprise. For example, Qidufang Yiyan Cake uses various nourishing ingredients such as red dates, red beans, wolfberry, etc., grinds them all into powder, and bakes them at low temperature to make a pastry.

Due to the fine craftsmanship and the addition of low-calorie xylitol, Seven Degrees Yiyan Cake< /strong>It tastes fine and soft, sweet and not greasy, which is easy for middle-aged and elderly people to accept. It does not contain additives, so it will not destroy the nutritional content of the ingredients themselves, and it will not get angry if it is delicious.

Summary: Black food nourishes the kidneys and Qi, and red food warms the yang and nourishes the blood. It is most suitable for middle-aged and elderly people who are weak in winter. I hope that all middle-aged and elderly friends can know how to “reserve storage” in winter, eat the above “3 black and 2 red”, pay attention to keeping warm, and recharge your energy for the spring.