This tangerine peel sauce-flavored wine has a strong sense of layering, with a quick and obvious aftertaste

Maojiang-flavored wine has rich layers of taste, and after adding orange peel, the layering is stronger. Today’s Gaide 90 review brings this Liquor Engine Tangerine Peel Sauce Fragrance Wine, full of hops, grain and sauce aromas are the most obvious, light orange peel flavor, quick and obvious aftertaste.

Wine engine tangerine peel sauce wine 53 degrees

Guide reviewer’s summary

This wine belongs to the new style Maotai wine. It is based on the 53-degree Maotai wine produced in Maotai Town and soaked in authentic Xinhui tangerine peel. The subtle and fresh flavor of tangerine peel adds to the aroma of the wine.

In order to ensure the authenticity and effectiveness of the evaluation data, Gaide Ranking invited 30 evaluators to evaluate the tangerine peel sauce wine from all aspects of vision, smell, and taste. sensory evaluation. According to the evaluation results, the tangerine peel Maotai wine performed well in terms of color, taste and aftertaste.

The color of the wine soaked with orange peel is yellower than that of pure Maotai-flavored wine, the hops are fuller, the hanging cup is obvious, and the texture is thick; The taste is relatively light; the mouthfeel is coordinated and has a strong sense of layering. At first, there is a slight coolness in the mouth, followed by obvious sweetness on the tip of the tongue, and a burst of hotness when it passes through the throat. The aftertaste is the most surprising, quick and obvious aftertaste, the sweet and attractive feeling is like eating sweet plums, and the citrus fragrance of tangerine peel is particularly prominent in the aftertaste.

The design of the fully transparent square wine bottle is full of fashion. Compared with the ceramic bottles of soy sauce wine, the glass wine bottle is more elegant. The shape of the peak at the bottom of the bottle enhances the overall sense of delicacy. The front is simple dark gold calligraphy, and the back is the wine information. The overall simplicity and atmosphere are suitable for gift giving and self-drinking.

Product Introduction & Evaluation Process

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