Northeast cuisine that young people have hardly heard of. People who have eaten it all are not young. Do you know which one?

The weather is cold and it’s time for cat winter in the Northeast. In the past, when most people still lived in the countryside, they often gathered together to eat and drink during the winter slack. What would many people think of when talking about food in the Northeast? Chicken stew Mushroom butcher dish? Although these are famous dishes in the Northeast, it was not easy for ordinary people to eat them in the past. There are a few dishes that people used to eat, and now they are probably lost. The old people who have eaten them are all old people.

The first stewed potatoes with potherb mustard

Don’t say this Most people don’t know what potherb mustard is. At most, they have eaten pickled potherb mustard. In the past, stewed potatoes with potherb mustard are a common dish for many people in Northeast China in winter. If you can add some meat, it is delicious.

The second snow bean paste

This name sounds very fairy, but this is actually a kind of bean bag It is fried by adding egg white, flour, lard and other ingredients. It is named for its white appearance. There are not many restaurants that can cook this dish now.

The third cricket tofu

The first two dishes may be eaten by young people But there are not many people who have eaten this dish. Do you know what mole crickets are? A common insect in the Northeast, known as the Northeast crayfish, this cricket tofu is actually no tofu, it is precisely called mole cricket soup. In the past, it was a royal dish, but with the increase in population and environmental pollution, it is difficult to find a large number of high-quality mole crickets. The dish is also about to be lost.

I don’t know which of the above three have you eaten?