Is there a peculiar smell below, is it sick, and what is the situation with a peculiar smell in the private parts?

The normal private part smell is like this

A clean private part will emit a mixed smell The smell of earth and musk, with a hint of fishy smell.

This fishy smell is produced by the decomposition of the secretions of the apocrine glands in the private parts when they encounter bacteria.

At the same time, because the vagina is adjacent to the urethra and anus, it is inevitable to mix some urine and poop smells.

If the private parts sweat a lot or are kept covered, the bacteria in the private parts will multiply, causing the private parts to smell. aggravated.

In addition, some irritating and heavy-tasting foods will also affect the smell of private parts after eating, making the smell of private parts stronger .

Although the above smells are not very good, they are all normal, and the smell is generally not too obvious.

Private taste of special period

In some special period, the taste of private parts will change accordingly.

1. Medication period

Like diet, certain medicines or supplements can change the smell of private parts. For example:

Antibiotics may affect the balance of normal vaginal flora, thereby changing the smell of private parts;

Antihistamines can cause vaginal dryness and significantly reduce secretions, and also change the smell of private parts to a certain extent;

Taking some Chinese herbal medicine and fish oil nutritional health care products will also affect the smell of private parts.

Of course, these changes will not last forever. As long as the medication is stopped, the odor will slowly disappear.

2, menstrual period

During the menstrual period, the odor of the private parts is not only bloody, but also fermented by bacteria mixed with menstrual blood.

If the sanitary napkin is not replaced in time, it is easy to be stuffy because of airtightness.

If this happens, just replace the sanitary napkin in time, and the odor will disappear soon.

3, Pregnancy

Under the action of hormones during pregnancy, the pH value of the private parts will change, and the secretion of leucorrhea will also increase, resulting in the increase of the private parts. A fermented smell similar to glue or dough appears.

Pregnant women experience frequent urination and urgency due to increased bladder pressure.

Sometimes the expectant mother’s body will naturally secrete Bartholin’s gland fluid, which plays a lubricating role. The pH value is 3.8-4.5, so there will be faint sour and fishy smell.

Beware of these odors

1. Fishy smell

The vagina (leucorrhea) has a fishy smell, the main consideration is Vaginitis with some anaerobic infections, trichomoniasis, or Haemophilus vaginalis.

2, fishy smell

Vaginitis caused by Haemophilus vaginalis, the leucorrhea usually has a special fishy smell, and can also be accompanied by symptoms such as vaginal burning, pain, itching, and genital dampness.

3, stench

When there is a foul smell in the vagina or leucorrhea, it is often caused by severe infection of the reproductive tract or tumor. Common clinical diseases include severe endometritis, severe Cervical erosion, malignant tumor of reproductive tract, etc. Especially in elderly women, if the leucorrhea has a foul smell and is bright red, it is often a signal of tumor.

How to prevent vaginal diseases?

1. Good habit of hand washing can help prevent vaginitis If you don’t wash your hands before going to the toilet, the pathogenic bacteria are easy to invade and cause infection, especially many women have the habit of wiping the vulva after going to the toilet, and they should pay more attention to washing their hands before going to the toilet.

2. Wearing cotton underwear can help prevent vaginitis

women It is best to choose cotton underwear, which has better air permeability. The underwear should also be washed and changed frequently. After washing, it should be dried in the sun, which can better kill bacteria.

3. Living in the same room properly and getting enough sleep can help prevent vaginitisInflammation

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Sufficient sleep is the guarantee of health. Insufficient sleep time and staying up late will reduce the resistance and cause vaginitis. one. In addition, pay attention to the frequency of intercourse. If you have intercourse more than 3 times a week, the incidence of urinary tract infection will increase significantly. Especially in the season of high incidence of vaginitis in summer, you should pay more attention to moderate intercourse.

4. Clean the vagina with warm water to help prevent vaginitis

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You can wash the vulva with warm water every day when taking a bath. Be careful not to scald with hot water, which will easily damage the skin and mucous membranes. In addition, do not abuse gynecological lotion. Frequent use of lotion will easily affect the balance of vaginal flora and increase the chance of vaginitis.

5. Correct order of cleaning of vulva and anus can help prevent vaginitis

Female friends should pay attention to the order of vulva and anus. Wash the vulva first and then the anus. The order cannot be reversed. In addition, the towels and bathtubs for cleaning the vulva should be specially used by special personnel, otherwise bacteria can easily invade the urethra.

6. Drink plenty of water to help prevent vaginitis

Drinking plenty of water can help prevent urinary tract infections and vaginitis. If you find that the vaginal discharge has a peculiar smell or vaginal pain and discomfort, it is best to seek medical examination and symptomatic treatment in time.

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