According to experts, the popularity of Maotai-flavored wine will increase in the next 20 years, and three niche Maotai-flavored wines will usher in development opportunities

Maotai liquor industry headed by national liquor has continued to rise in popularity since 2018. The market price of a bottle of 53% Feitian Moutai was about 1600 , this year, the price of a bottle of 53% Feitian Moutai has risen to 2700. Although the prices of other sauce-flavored wines are not as high as Moutai, they are still rising at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Today, the craze for Maotai-flavored wine has gradually spread to other flavored wine industries. It can be said that the prices of all well-known baijiu brands on the market have risen compared with previous years.

In the state of cyclical growth, and this 20-year growth cycle can make the market share of Maotai-flavored wine account for more than 50% of the domestic liquor share, the boom in Maotai-flavored wine in recent years may not be worth mentioning.

< span>Experts revealed that Maotai-flavored wine produced in the core production area of ​​7.5 square kilometers in Maotai Town will become a scarce product in the future. A new wave of development opportunities.

< span>Diaoyutai

This wine stands shoulder to shoulder with Moutai and Guotai in the Maotai-flavored wine industry in Guizhou Known as the “3 Taiwans of Guizhou”, but the national liquor Moutai and the main high-end national liquor are too dazzling. Diaoyutai liquor was originally used to receive VIPs in the sauce wine market, and did not bother to pave the way for its own brand. Diaoyutai, which is extremely cost-effective, is too small among the “three brands”, but if you ask the older generation of wine lovers in Guizhou about the evaluation of Diaoyutai wine, it will undoubtedly be well received.

The brewing environment of Diaoyutai Liquor is located in the core production area of ​​soy sauce wine in Maotai Town, and its profound brand heritage makes it convincing in the market. As a niche soy sauce wine, the future development opportunities are immeasurable.

Handong Master Wine (Daya)

This wine is called “Moutai Disciple Wine” by senior drinkers in the Guizhou sauce-flavored wine industry. Master Dong’s wine is elegant and rarely advertised, making it a niche and gimmick-filled “Moutai town wine” in the eyes of outsiders.

However, if you study its brewing process, it is not difficult to find the connection between it and Moutai. Take the brewer as an example. He is recognized as the “Master of Maotai Wine” in the Maotai Wine Industry. When he was young, he learned from the “Father of Jiangjiu” Li Xingfa, and participated in the brewing of Diaoyutai Wine. Daya.

The brewing environment of this wine is the same as Diaoyutai wine in the core production area of ​​Maotai Town. Based on “materials”, the local Xiaohongliang and Chishuihe forged by 12987 technology endowed the finished wine with extremely high quality. , it can be seen that its future development cannot be underestimated.

< span>Wang Shaobin wine

This wine is regarded as the first in Guizhou Maotai wine industry “The most sentimental soy sauce wine” is because it was born to commemorate Wang Shaobin, the “Moutai paver”. 10 years old is the age for everyone to go to elementary school, but Wang Shaobin has already started to learn how to brew Maotai-flavored wine at the age of 10. The accumulated knowledge of brewing made Wang Shaobin start to know the brewing of Wang Mao. At that time, he was just a humble roasted wine in Ronghe Shaofang. division. After the establishment of Moutai Distillery, Wang Shaobin participated in the brewing of Moutai with his decades of accumulated experience, and was elected as the deputy director of the distillery. At that time, Wang Shaobin was 44 years old and had been in the industry for 34 years.

< span> During his tenure, he put forward the idea of ​​”raising lees with wine”, which enriched the craftsmanship of 12987 and led to the birth of today’s famous brands of Maotai-flavored wine. The Wang Shaobin wine on the market is Daqu Kunsha Sauce Wine brewed with 12987 technology in the core production area of ​​Maotai Town. , the future development momentum is strong.

The above is all the sharing today. Do you know which niche sauce-flavored wines will usher in new development opportunities in the next 20 years?