Is the “mattress” with millions of hot searches an IQ tax?

In the past two days on social media, “mattress” has become a hot topic among netizens.

While eating melons, the crowd watched the household chores of entertainment stars, On the one hand, I am particularly curious: Is a mattress worth millions an IQ tax?

Interview with experts, explain how mattresses “support” a good sleep, and teach you how to choose scientifically.

Interview Expert

China Textile Engineering Society Science Communication Expert, Suzhou City Ding Lijin, Senior Engineer of Fiber Inspection Institute

Bai Jie, Director of Science and Technology Popularization Department of China Textile Engineering Society

Wu Shan, Chief Physician, Department of Massage, Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Affordable vs expensive mattresses, what is the difference?

They are all mattresses, what is the difference between a few hundred yuan and tens of thousands of yuan? Compared with cheap mattresses, high-end mattresses are mainly different in materials.

fill Layer material

Although it is the same material, expensive mattresses will choose higher quality, more natural, For the more durable type, some rare materials will also be used, such as the horsehair mattress mentioned in this hot search event.

Spring structure< /strong>

Compared with cheap mattresses, more expensive mattresses will use more uniform force, good anti-interference, and less There is a spring structure with abnormal noise. The high-density spring structure will also improve the support and comfort.

< span>Manufacturing process

Expensive mattresses will be made by hand as much as possible, and the labor cost will be greater , More time, will also choose a better production combination process, while maintaining comfort and durability, while ensuring safety.

Four mattresses are superior List of Cons

In addition to the price factor, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the common mattresses on the market? Textile experts will interpret it for you one by one.

< span>Spring mattress

It is composed of fabric composite layer, filling and cushion layer, spring bed core layer .

Advantages: good air permeability, good elasticity, good support and durability.

Disadvantages: Some springs lose their elasticity during use, Depression will occur and affect the service life.

When the chain spring mattress is used, it will cause the muscles of the cervical spine and lumbar spine to be in a state of tension , causing soreness and physical discomfort.

Palm mattress

Porous elasticity with palm fiber as the main material Mattress with natural palm smell.

Advantages: environmental protection, hard texture, good air permeability, cheap price.< /p>

Disadvantages: easy to deform, poor supporting performance, high maintenance requirements.

foam mattress

Also known as foam mattress, generally polyurethane sponge material.

Advantages : Lightweight, comfortable and soft.

Disadvantages: poor air permeability, the sweat produced by the human body is difficult to discharge in time, too soft has weak support for the human body, and it is difficult to use It is prone to fatigue and affects comfort.

latex mattress

The rubber tree sap or synthetic rubber collected from the rubber tree is made through a series of processes.

Advantages: It has a frankincense fragrance, anti-mite and sterilization, good air permeability, and good resilience.

Disadvantages: Some people are allergic to latex, and the price is more expensive.

It should be noted that there is currently no country that targets latex bedding ,Industry Standard.

Therefore, some products marked with “100% natural latex” and “pure natural” cannot be judged as natural latex according to the existing standards, and Most latex mattresses are a combination of latex and foaming agents.

How to judge a mattress” Hardness”

If the mattress is too hard, part of the body will hang in the air during sleep, and some muscles will be in a tense state, which will cause muscle damage over time;

If the mattress is too soft, the support force is low during sleep, the body sinks, the spine is in an abnormal state, and it is easy to cause spinal deformation.

How to grasp the hardness of the mattress? Remember the “3:1 principle”. The mattress should not be too hard to deform, nor can it deform too much:


In addition, the fit of the mattress to the body is also very important.

Lie flat on the mattress, and move your hands inward towards the three obvious bends from the neck, waist and buttocks to between the thighs Stretch out flat to see if there is any gap; then turn over to one side and use the same method to see if there is any gap.

If the hand can easily pass through the gap, it means The bed is too hard; if the palms fit tightly between the gaps, it proves that the mattress fits the natural curves of the neck, back, waist, hips and legs.

A good mattress improves sleeping comfort

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When purchasing a mattress, you should refer to your own physical condition and age Features, etc.

< strong>According to the age level

The elasticity of the muscles and ligaments of the elderly has decreased, which can be Choose a mattress with a slightly higher hardness. A bed that is too soft will not support the spine and make it difficult to get up.

It is recommended to choose a firm mattress for infants and young children And elastic medium-soft mattress. At the same time, ensure that the surface is soft and hard, without itching. The zipper is located on the side of the mattress, and attention is paid to its safety performance to avoid biting.

According to sleep habits

For those who like to sleep on their side, it is recommended to choose partitioned mattresses. This kind of mattress forms different degrees of depression according to different stress areas such as the head, neck, shoulders, waist, and tail of the vertebrae.

People who often sleep on their backs or stomachs should choose a harder mattress. Because when lying on the back or prone, the neck and waist need the support of a hard mattress to achieve a comfortable state.

< span>According to body size differences

Lightweight people are suitable for sleeping on softer beds, and too hard mattresses It cannot support all body parts in a balanced manner; people who are fatter need to choose a harder mattress.

If there is no special requirement, you should choose moderate hardness and softness The mattress ensures that all parts of the body can be effectively supported when lying flat or lying on the side.

When using the mattress, you should also pay attention to:< /span>

1. The protection of the new mattress needs to be removed film can be used.

2. Don’t jump on the mattress.

3. Regularly (recommended half a year) change the mattress back and forth.

4. Do not stretch the sheets too tightly, so as not to block the ventilation holes of the mattress and cause the bed The air in the pad cannot circulate, which breeds germs.