Is red meat a “death talisman” for cancer cells? Director of the Department of Gastroenterology: It is best to eat less of these three kinds of meat

Tumor is formed by the body under the action of various tumorigenic factors, cells in local tissues lose normal regulation of their growth at the gene level, resulting in abnormal proliferation and differentiation of new organisms.

Once a new organism is formed, it will not stop growing due to the elimination of the cause, and its growth will not be regulated by normal body physiology , but destroy normal tissues and organs, which is especially evident in malignant tumors.

with benign Compared with tumors, malignant tumors grow faster, show invasive growth, are prone to hemorrhage, necrosis, ulcers, etc., and often have distant metastasis, resulting in body weight loss, weakness, anemia, loss of appetite, fever, and serious organ function damage. loss, and ultimately the death of the patient.

[Red meat, is it the “death talisman” of cancer cells? 】

The occurrence of cancer itself is related to many factors. Some people think that the high incidence of cancer in my country is mainly due to eating too much meat. Chinese people prefer to eat pork, beef, mutton and other foods. But red meat is not as scary as everyone thinks.

In order to explore the relationship between eating meat and disease, researchers from the University of Oxford collected data from the British Biobank Data on about 470,000 adult men and women were included, including the intake of vegetables, fruits and meat.

Researchers An analysis of the relationship between the diet of the experimenters and 25 diseases including respiratory system diseases and digestive system diseases found that eating too much meat is indeed related to the increased risk of many diseases.

The intake of unprocessed pork, beef, mutton and other red meat and related processed meat Pneumonia, colon polyps, ischemic heart disease, and diabetes are closely related.

No processed red meat and poultry intake associated with lower incidence of ischemic anemia , The risk-related research tells us that if we want to prevent disease, we should reasonably control our meat intake.

The World Health Organization classifies red meat as a “Class 2A carcinogen”. At that time, after the report was published, there were more than the Meat Association. The results of this study believed that this result was “unscientific, not prudent, and not objective”, which was a blatant provocation to countless previous reports.

The carcinogenic grading in the report is not equal to the carcinogenic intensity. The carcinogenic grading is based on whether there is evidence of carcinogenicity and carcinogenicity There is no necessary relationship between the intensity or the actual threat to the human body.

Carcinogenic according to WHO Category 1 carcinogens refer to carcinogens that have been proven to be carcinogenic to humans, and Category 2A carcinogens refer to “highly likely” carcinogens, that is, animal experiments have confirmed carcinogenic effects, but human effects are not yet clear.

Red meat eaten reasonably in the body will not cause the development of cancer, nor will it damageEveryone must pay attention to the functions of various organs. It is really not recommended that you eat more of the following meat foods. I hope you can pay attention to them.

[Director of the Digestive Department: It is best to eat less of these three kinds of meat]

——Processed meat food< /strong>

In the World Health Organization’s “Carcinogen List”, processed meat is classified as a class I carcinogen, which is harmful to the human body Clear carcinogenic effects, such as colorectal cancer, esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, etc.

The so-called processed meat mainly refers to meat that has been cured, smoked, fermented, etc., such as Bacon, ham, salami, bacon, etc. Studies have found that the reason why processed meat is safe is because red meat contains heme iron, which can damage DNA, even destroy immunity, and induce cancer.

Chemicals, such as nitrate and nitrite, are added to processed meat during the production process It is easier to increase the risk of cancer later in the body, and it may also induce obesity due to excessive fat intake. It is recommended that everyone must control the intake of processed meat.

——Chinese Salted fish

Chinese-style salted fish is also a “class one carcinogen” in the “Carcinogen List” “, will increase the risk of nasopharyngeal cancer and other cancers. The process of making Chinese-style salted fish requires a process of high-salinity pickling, exposure to the sun and dehydration.

During the pickling process, food will produce a lot of nitrite, which enters the gastric acid to react and transform into highly carcinogenic nitrosamines, posing a huge threat to human health.

Not only do you need to eat less pickled fish, but even pickled pickles, the nitrite content of which is seriously exceeding the standard , If you often eat it in your body, it will inevitably lead to an increase in blood pressure and damage to the gastric mucosa.

I like to eat pickled People who eat food will cause damage to the fragile gastric mucosa, and infection with Helicobacter pylori may eventually lead to gene mutations in the repair process of the mucosa, increasing the risk of gastric cancer.

——High-temperature barbecue

Low frequency and small amount of barbecue, the carcinogenic effect is not obvious, but long-term large intake will increase the risk of cancer, and barbecue food will produce Strong carcinogens, the most typical ones are benzopyrene and heterocyclic amines.

The charcoal used in barbecue itself contains benzopyrene, and the smoke produced may invade the food. Secondly, when the meat is grilled, the fat will drip, and a thermal polymerization reaction will occur, and the formed benzopyrene will adhere to the surface of the food.

If the sugar content and fat in meat are incompletely burned in contact with charcoal fire, impurities may also be produced Harmful substances such as cyclic amines and polycyclic aromatic Jing. Especially in the scorched part, there are more harmful substances.

If in meat During the production process, the inhalation of smoke into the body fluid will affect the internal body, and even increase the risk of respiratory tract infection, which is very harmful to health, so I hope everyone eats less high-temperature grilled meat.

【People who love meat should also eat more “alkaline food” 】

A. Cold alkaline vegetables include: water shield, purslane, water spinach, tomato, chayote, zucchini, cucurbit melon , gourd, cantaloupe, cantaloupe, watermelon, snake melon, bamboo shoots, kelp.

B. Cool alkaline vegetables include: lotus root, konjac, arrowroot, kudzu, seaweed Head, radish, amaranth, eggplant, lettuce, bitter gourd, rape, spinach, mushroom, lettuce, cauliflower, enoki mushroom, wax gourd, cucumber, loofah.

C. is flat Alkaline vegetables include: lily, carrot, kohlrabi, Chrysanthemum chrysanthemum, Nepeta, cabbage, cabbage, Hericium erinaceus, black fungus, shepherd’s purse, white fungus, sweet potato, potato, and taro.

D. Warm alkaline vegetables include: yam, onion, wild garlic, Chinese toon, leek, sweet Peppers, pumpkins, onions.

E. Hot alkaline vegetables include: garlic, pepper, pepper.

【Early symptoms of cancer】

1. Unexplained weight loss within a short period of time is one of the important signals of cancer. If you do not lose weight on purpose or remember that you are under mental stress and have no food or drink, sudden and rapid weight loss is likely to indicate that there are abnormal signals in the body, and you should take the initiative to seek medical treatment. Sudden weight loss is mostly caused by pancreatic cancer. Of course, gastric cancer, liver cancer, intestinal cancer and other digestive tract cancers and other cancers have a certain probability of occurrence.

2. There is no pain in the body sexual mass. Lumps that are easy to self-examine, such as those in the neck, breast, and abdomen, should be especially noted that these masses will grow at a faster rate. For the gradually increasing mass in the neck, breast, and inguinal lymph node areas, which is a typical feature of lymph node metastasis of various cancers, it is recommended to seek medical treatment in time.

3. Ulcers on the tongue, cheeks, skin and other parts cannot heal for a long time, so you need to be vigilant. Ulcers on the body surface and mucous membranes can usually heal or heal on their own. If they cannot heal for a long time, it may indicate a special abnormality, which needs attention.

4, medium Irregular vaginal bleeding or increased secretions in women aged or over, or abnormal vaginal bleeding between menstrual cycles, is the main signal of cervical and ovarian tumors in women.

5. Long-term low fever without inducement and no cause can be found. Unexplained persistent regular or irregular long-term fever may be a sign of cancerous conditions such as lymphoma and leukemia.


6. Discomfort when eating. Many patients with digestive tract cancer will find abdominal swelling and burning during eating Pain, foreign body sensation, or difficulty swallowing. It manifests as pain when eating hard food at the beginning, and it develops to pain when eating liquid food. Special attention should be paid to whether it is an esophageal tumor.