“Cutting double eyelids, taking medicine, not letting you grow taller”, behind the child model is the vanity fair of parents

This society values ​​traffic, no matter whether it is embarrassing or not, it is enough to make money, don’t think so much. Internet celebrities on the Internet are very representative existences, they are very strange, some can be produced, and it is good to attract attention anyway.

Many industries are suddenly emerging, such as children’s clothing models. Childish faces posing for the camera, galaxy photographer. According to the news from bloggers who follow child models, because child models aged seven or eight may have to shoot twenty or thirty scenes a day, traveling from place to place, most of the time is spent in the car. Although they make a lot of money, everyone is not happy.

Many parents think that money is king in this era, since there is no way out for studying, why not get a job early. They packed all kinds of supplies with big bags and small bags, and took their children to various places to take pictures. The topic between them is not how many points they got in the test, but how to manage their body.

At such a young age, the entire family is burdened. Their daily income is difficult to achieve by parents working hard for more than a month . Parents rely on their children to make money, so why not sit back and enjoy the success.

Yang Yang has been working in children’s clothing for three or four years A model with beautiful long hair. He is a boy, but his mother forced him to have long hair. The overall height and appearance are relatively good. Because when I was 4 years old, I accidentally came into contact with the training class of child model culture, and was later discovered by people and sent to the modeling circle. The salary is generous, and the parents are very supportive.

In order for the child to concentrate on this path, the parents chose to let him drop out of school. It is said that shooting two or three advertisements a day is compared to the income of a family for half a year. These are still bad times.

Three years have passed, and Yang Yang needs to go to elementary school. Public elementary schools are difficult to satisfy, and they praised this special situation, so after much deliberation, his parents enrolled him in an expensive but relatively free private school, in order to squeeze out time to earn money outside. No one knows how much pain he endured.

Yang Yang can quickly face the camera He makes moves and is proficient in business, but compared to his peers, he has no childhood. He has no choice but to act like a baby for food, because he needs to manage his figure, but he can’t go out to play, because he spends 2/3 of a year They are all rushing to make announcements.

The famous Taiwanese actor Ji Baoru also had the same experience. The family earned a lot of money. But within a few years, the whole person began to develop, and he was no longer as cute and cute as before. In order to keep the chance of earning money, Ji Baoru’s grandma will take her to take regular injections to prevent him from developing.

Twice a month, persisted for half a year. It was said that the needle was very long and needed to be injected slowly from the inside of the knee. He cried and begged to stop, but it was useless. Ji Baoru’s height has been 149 cm from then to now. He is a very famous child-faced star, but no one knows what he has experienced.

< p data-track="11">There are so many things like this, especially in this society. There is a mother on Weibo who regularly shares photos of her child as a child model, and expresses that in order for her child to continue walking in this world , when he was 7 years old, he had his eyebrows tattooed and his double eyelids were cut. It is estimated that he planned to fill his chin and open the corners of his eyes.

This approach makes people speechless, Could it be that in order to benefit from high income, children’s growth and health are regarded as a trifling matter. At the stage of growing up happily, but injecting a closed injection, you will never grow taller, and you will lose the bottom line of being a parent. They will grow up eventually, and it is impossible to eat this bowl of rice again. Isn’t it good to let nature take its course?