The key points for invigorating the kidney, strengthening the waist, strengthening the bones, and dispelling the cold, must be used to invigorate the kidney in winter

Tonicing the kidney is an eternal topic. Now it is winter, and it is the season to invigorate the kidney. Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes the harmony between man and nature. Did you know that there is a kidney-tonifying triangle on our feet? In the area, there are three golden acupoints for nourishing the kidney, strengthening the waist, strengthening the bones, nourishing the yin and yang of the kidney, detoxifying and dispelling the cold, it is so powerful! Remember to collect it after reading it. The three of them are called the Kidney-tonifying Golden Triangle, and they are: Dazhong Point, Shuiquan Point and Taixi Point.

Acupoint selection location

Inside the inner side of the foot and inside the medial malleolus, corresponding to Taixi, Dazhong and Shuiquan respectively hole.



Taixi Point: In the ankle region, in the depression between the tip of the medial malleolus and the Achilles tendon.

Generally, many people know Taixi point. This is the original point of the kidney meridian. Be sure to store it, that is, store it in the Yongquan point, so that you have a healthy foundation.

So the purpose of health care methods such as rubbing the soles of the feet every day, grasping the soles of the feet, doing golden rooster independence, and soaking the feet is to open up the kidney meridian and return the fire to its source.

People often ask in the background, what to do about heel pain, why does it hurt? Pain means that there is congestion, which stops there and does not move, causing local blockage, and blockage leads to pain. If you draw the good blood over and disperse the congestion, the pain will naturally disappear.

Rubbing Taixi acupoint and moxibustion Taixi will lead the qi and blood of the kidney meridian there. As long as the Taixi Point is activated, the fresh blood will wash away and absorb the congestion, and then recirculate and take it away. Naturally, the problem of heel pain will be solved.

Dazhong Point: In the heel area, behind the medial malleolus, on the upper edge of the calcaneus, and in the depression at the front edge of the Achilles tendon attachment.

The big bell belongs to the collateral point of the foot shaoyin kidney meridian. Big, huge also. Bell, ancient refers to chime bells, is a musical instrument with thick and resonant sound.

Dazhongxue, the ancients did not name it blindly. Why is it called “Big Bell”? The bell does not strike and does not ring. Therefore, it is specially used for the treatment of loss of voice. Once the voice is lost, it will not be able to sing, and the sound can be heard again after knocking the big bell. Because when the throat is always speechless, in addition to pharyngitis, it is also a manifestation of insufficient kidney qi.

This acupuncture point can strengthen the waist and bones, nourish the kidney yang, because it is a collateral point, it can also nourish people with chronic kidney qi deficiency. Traditional Chinese medicine says that “prolonged illness enters the collaterals”. If you have been ill for a long time, you will naturally feel weak on the collateral points. If you want to invigorate the kidney, you usually need to rub the Dazhong acupoint more.

Shuiquan Point: In the heel area, 1 cun directly below Taixi, in the depression on the medial side of the calcaneal tubercle.

When you hear the name “Shuiquan”, you can understand that it can make the urine unblocked. Once unblocked, the poison in the body can be discharged. Its effect is to specifically eliminate edema and treat dysuria, which means that you just want to go to the toilet after going to the toilet, and you just sprinkle a little each time. This is a typical deficiency of kidney qi, and Western medicine usually diagnoses it as a urinary system problem.

Older people generally have the problem of frequent waking up at night, frequent urination, urgency and incontinence. If the urination problem has not been resolved, and some even dragged on to a serious one, uremia and the like will lead to kidney dialysis, making people uncomfortable and intractable. Therefore, “prevention of disease” is the responsibility of Chinese medicine, and acupoints are the safest way to maintain health and regulate diseases.

In addition, this point is the Qi point, which is used to treat acute diseases. What is an acute disease on the kidney meridian? For example, acute urinary system infection, cystitis, and prostate pain syndrome. Elderly men generally have prostate problems, and they should continue to stimulate Shuiquan acupoint every day, scrape and moxibustion.

Health care

The kidney stores essence. Without kidney essence, there would be no kidney qi, let alone spirit. So if you want to have a good spirit, you have to start with nourishing the kidney.

Moxibustion is on 3 acupoints, and generally can be moxibustion at the same time. And here is also a good choice for moxibustion.