Can osteoporosis not eat tofu? Doctor: If you want to have healthy bones, try not to eat these 4 foods

Although the living standard has generally been improved, people’s physical condition has not been effectively improved, and the prevalence rate is getting higher and higher. The situation of osteoporosis is still Osteoporosis is a common disease that is closely related to age, and the risk of developing osteoporosis increases with age.

Don’t underestimate the disease of osteoporosis. Most people with a high risk of looseness are middle-aged and elderly people, so middle-aged and elderly people must always pay attention to their bone abnormalities in their lives. If there is any abnormality, please go to the hospital in time.


First of all, what complications can osteoporosis cause?

Osteoporosis is a very common bone metabolic disease in clinical practice, especially among middle-aged and elderly patients High incidence, what are the complications of osteoporosis is everyone’s concern, let’s take a look at the complications of osteoporosis.

1. Pain: The most common complication of osteoporosis is bone and joint pain. Loosing causes bone pain all over the body, irregular pain in the bones and joints of the whole body, sometimes the pain is unbearable, and even affects sleep. This happens because there is a kind of cell called osteoclast in the bone, which will cause pain when it devours the bone. It is also one of the most common complications of osteoporosis.

2. Shorter height: with the occurrence of osteoporosis , Shorter height and shorter body length are the most common things that happen, and it is also the reason why we see that the elderly are much shorter than the young in clinical practice, which is also prone to lumbar compression fractures and thoracic compression fractures and other related fractures.

And there will be a hunchback. Normal elderly people will be about 15~20 cm shorter in length when they suffer from osteoporosis, so Usually prevention of osteoporosis is particularly important.

3. Fractures: Hip joint fractures and femoral neck fractures are the most common fractures in osteoporosis, which will bring great harm to patients In mild cases, it will lead to disability and obstacles in self-care, and in severe cases, it may lead to death. Generally, the mortality rate after hip fracture is as high as 20% in one year.


Can osteoporosis eat tofu? Doctor: If you want to have healthy bones, try not to eat these 4 kinds of food

You can eat tofu< /strong>

Osteoporosis patients can eat tofu, which is rich in nutrients, contains sugar, vegetable oil, high-quality protein, and human body The digestion and absorption rate of iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and other trace elements needed can reach more than 95%. Therefore, patients with osteoporosis can often eat tofu, because tofu is particularly rich in protein and calcium, which can Provide various nutrients needed by osteoporosis patients.

You can’t eat tofu

< p data-track="15">Tofu seems to be a food with high calcium content. Generally speaking, patients with osteoporosis can eat tofu, but from the perspective of absorption, people with osteoporosis are not suitable Eat more, this is because the calcium in tofu enters the body. If there is a problem with the skin or blood vessels, the body cannot absorb enough calcium, so it is far from enough to supplement the calcium needed by the body by eating tofu.

Tofu is mainly made of soybeans, which contain more protein. Excessive intake of tofu will cause excess protein in the body. A large amount of acidic substances are produced in the body, and the pH of the blood in the body changes, causing the body to consume minerals in the bones to balance the pH. Over time, it leads to malnutrition of the bones and osteoporosis.


Doctor: If you want to have healthy bones, try not to eat these 4 foods

1. Coffee: The caffeine in coffee is a central nervous system stimulant, which can be eaten in moderation to refresh the mind, diuretic and hangover It can also protect the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular. Excessive coffee can also cause damage to bones. The same dose of caffeine has similar effects to salt, which can also cause bone loss.

Every time you consume 100 mg of caffeine, you will lose about 6 mg of calcium. If you often consume caffeinated beverages, such as coffee Drinking tea, milk tea, etc. all cause great damage to the bones.

2. Soft drinks: soft rock materials are very harmful to the bones. Generally, the bubbles in soda water come from carbonic acid, which will increase the loss rate of calcium in the urine. At the same time, soft rocks make you feel thirsty when you are full. In fact, these hard and soft drinks do not provide any nutrition for you.

So when you are drinking Coke or Sprite, you can try to replace it with milk or vitamin D-fortified orange juice. Drinking water from time to time, and then eating a food rich in bone-strengthening nutrients, can achieve good results.

3. Pickled food: such as bacon, pickles, kimchi, etc., with age, the sense of taste will also degenerate. Many people like to eat this kind of pickled and processed food. This kind of food has high salt content. A large amount of sodium ion intake will hinder the absorption of calcium, which will lead to faster bone loss and increase the risk of disease.

Not only that, pickled food also contains nitrous acid Long-term consumption of salt and other substances will lead to the deposition of carcinogenic toxins such as nitrite in the body, and even increase the risk of cancer, so no matter how you like it, you should eat less of these foods.

4. Alcohol: Long-term excessive drinking will lead to changes in the metabolism of substances in the body, among which changes in serum calcium and phosphate levels will cause bone Abnormal, will make people suffer from osteoporosis and fractures and other diseases