Are oranges “accelerators” for thyroid nodules? Doctor: To protect the nail function, 6 things or you should keep your mouth shut

The thyroid gland is an important endocrine organ in the human body. The hormones secreted are of great significance to the regulation and maintenance of various systems in the body.

Most people don’t pay much attention to the thyroid gland. In fact, the incidence of thyroid-related diseases in my country over the years is relatively high. If the thyroid is damaged, it will spread to other parts, so we need to know more about the thyroid.

For people with thyroid nodules, it is easy to have a thick neck, especially for women and the elderly It is relatively frequent, and most of the nodules are benign. Pay attention to follow-up and follow-up, and develop good habits, which is conducive to the shrinkage of nodules.

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Are oranges “accelerators” for thyroid nodules?

Orange is a common fruit in life, which contains more water and sugar, especially Proper consumption of vitamin C has many benefits for the body, but some people say that oranges are an accelerator of thyroid nodules, so is it true?

In fact, people with thyroid nodules can eat oranges, which will not affect the size of thyroid nodules, nor will they It will damage the thyroid function. The nutrients contained in oranges can meet the needs of the body and help to strengthen the body.

But eating too many oranges will cause you to get angry. Patients with thyroid nodules should relieve stress in life , reduce the fire in time, control the intake of oranges, don’t eat too much, and want to protect the thyroid function, the following foods should be controlled.

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Doctor: If you want to protect your thyroid function, you need to keep your mouth shut< /span>

Heavy food

Heavy-tasting foods include not only high-salt and high-sugar foods, but also foods with high fat and iodine content. The heavy taste of the diet will lead to abnormal secretion of hormones in the body , affecting blood pressure, blood sugar and blood lipids.

To protect thyroid function, pay attention to iodine intake, eat less kelp and iodized salt, Otherwise, it will turn into hyperthyroidism. For thyroid patients, it is necessary to maintain a light diet and add more vitamins.


Stock is actually a kind of condiment, which is used in daily cooking, and it is also one of the condiments that patients with thyroid nodules need to eat as little as possible, because most of the raw materials of broth are Food such as trotters, ginseng and mutton.

These are all thyroid glands Excessive nourishment will lead to the disorder of thyroid estrogen secretion and aggravate the condition of nodules, especially the broth made from soft-shelled turtles has the greatest impact on the thyroid gland.

Stimulating drinks

Alcohol and strong tea are irritating foods. After drinking, they will cause abnormal secretion of hormones in the body and disrupt the normal function of the thyroid gland.

The thyroid gland is the largest hormone-secreting organ in the human body, which can regulate the secretion of various hormones.Frequent drinking of irritating beverages will stimulate the function of the thyroid gland and affect the health of the body.


Greasy food mainly refers to fatty meat and various fried foods , The calorie and fat content in the food are very high, often eating is not conducive to the control of the disease, so if you want to protect the thyroid function, try to keep your mouth shut about these foods.

cruciferous vegetables

Most vegetables are rich in vitamins and dietary fiber. Regular consumption of vegetables can promote gastrointestinal motility, help excrete excess cholesterol in the body, and prevent cancer.

But cruciferous vegetables can inhibit the absorption of iodine and cause thyroid abnormalities, so if you want to protect thyroid function, Pay attention to the intake of cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, cabbage, cabbage, white radish, etc.

hormone-containing Food

Some nourishing foods or supplements may contain hormones, which are good for thyroid nodules For those who suffer from hypertrophy, do not take these supplements by themselves, because it will easily affect the normal secretion of hormones in the human body, which will not only fail to promote recovery, but may also aggravate nodules.


To protect the thyroid gland, develop 3 good habits

Go to bed early at night and relax

Thyroid is easily affected by hormones, stay up late It will lead to abnormal hormone levels, so don’t stay up often, and emotions have a greater impact on the thyroid gland. It is necessary to properly relieve emotions, relieve stress, and ensure regular sleep.

Reviews cannot be ignored

Patients with thyroid nodules should follow the doctor’s instructions and go to the hospital for regular checkups, because nodules are easily stimulated by the outside world, and no one can guarantee that the thyroid gland will always be healthy. Stablize.

Avoid ionizing radiation and protect the thyroid gland

Excessive examination and excessive medical treatment are not advisable , especially minors, non-essential CT and X-ray examinations are not recommended to avoid ionizing radiation and protect the thyroid gland.