Is it a good thing that a man has strong nose hair? Why do some people’s nose hair “snap” out? Why is it whitish?

Daughter: Dad, can I give you a suggestion?

Dad: What’s wrong?

Daughter: Go look in the mirror and cut off your nose hair by the way, I don’t dislike you! Mainly this affect your personal image.

Dad: Is my nose hair growing out? I gonna go see.

After looking in the mirror, Lao Li did find that he had two long nose hairs protruding out, but he did not trim them with small scissors, but Just pulled it out.

My daughter asked him: “Is it so simple and rude? Does it hurt?”

He replied: “This pain is nothing, it only takes a second! How convenient”

He went on to say: “I didn’t realize that my nose hair was so long when I was young, and it came out of my nostrils. Now I’m middle-aged, so that’s it?”

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Does your nose hair grow out of your nostrils? Or do you have such a friend by your side? Long sprang out, what does it mean? Is it right to pull it out by hand? What should I do? Some people found that it turned white, so what’s the matter? About nose hair, everything you want to know is here, you might as well learn about it early, and you will know after reading it!

Is it a good thing for men to have thick nose hair after they enter middle age?

A person’s hair growth will be affected by many factors, among which,androgen level< /strong> is the more relevant point. For young men, it can be said that it is a good thing to grow vigorously, because it shows that its level is relatively high. Physical fitness plays a very important role, which is good for health.

But for middle-aged men, their level is very high, and they grow out, which may not be a good thing. This is because its levels change, it decreases with age and this is normal. If it is high at this time, pay attention instead.

The reason why it is not very sure is a bad thing, because it is also affected bygenetic inheritance< /span>, some people grow more, while others grow less.

For middle-aged and older men a reminder Everyone should pay attention,The higher the androgen level is not, the better it is for your health.It is still very high at this time, but it is easy to bring the following two Health risks:

One, Prostate problems

Its level remains high, which will affect the health of the prostate and increase the risk of lesions.

Second,hair loss

There is a kind calledAndrogenetic alopecia,The secretion is still very strong after middle age, just May cause.

Therefore, it is necessary to remind middle-aged male friends not to supplement blindly by yourself, so as not to backfire in the end. If it is lacking, it will affect daily life. It is recommended to seek medical treatment in time and carry out scientific intervention under the guidance of a doctor to alleviate it.

The nose hair is growing out and turning white, what does it mean?

It may be related to the hormone factors mentioned above, and it may also be related to the bad habits in men’s life, such as Smoking and nose picking These two are also easy to irritate it.

For the whitening situation, there are two main factors , One is a normal phenomenon, related to aging, this is a natural phenomenon, you don’t need to worry too much.

On the other hand, it may be related to physical health, such asnutritional disorders< span>, it lacks nutrients, and its growth will be affected. Somediseases can also affect the hair on a person’s body, making it white Or fall off.

The disease comes from the nose, and the nose hair grows out, so don’t pull it out! Tell you the correct way

Its existence is meaningful, it can protect the health of the nose,help block bacteria< span>. Not only that, it is also good for protecting people’slungs and sense of smell.

If you just pull it out with your hands and get used to it, the hair follicles are easily damaged and bacteria are more likely to invade, which will increase the risk of a series of nasal health problems and causePain, redness, which will also affect your image. Not only that, it may also cause serious Intracranial infection, because there is a dangerous triangle in this position, if bacteria enter the blood circulation, this The odds will increase.

So, friends who like to pull, pay attention, I will get rid of this habit in the future. But it’s really not beautiful when it grows out, what should I do?

In fact, you can trim it moderately, But be careful to cut off the outside, but don’t reach into the nose to cut. In addition, pay attention to the disinfection of pruning tools and pay attention to hygiene.

In addition to the behavior of pulling nose hair, the following behavior is also unhealthy. You might as well take a look. I hope you don’t have it. If you have, It is also recommended to get rid of it in time:

Habitual nose picking

Some people dig at the beginning because they have a lot of boogers, but they gradually develop the habit of digging whether they have it or not.

Doing this too often willdamage your nose hair, and It has been said above that it has a protective effect on health, so it will bring adverse effects. Moreover, hands touch more things, and some people have longer nails, which makes it easier for to bring bacteria into the nose, affecting their health. Even if you don’t talk about your health, it will tarnish your image.

In addition, boogers are not completely useless Yes, its existence actually has a certain meaning. If there are really more, it is recommended that you use cotton swab dipped in water to deal with it. It is recommended that you stay in places with poor air quality for less than a long time, which is not only bad for the health of the nose, but also bad for the lungs. If it is due to work reasons, you must pay attention to protection.

In summary, small nose hairs are also useful, and there are not many, whether it is strong or rare, with the above Factors are related. For middle-aged and older men, care should be taken not to supplement androgen indiscriminately. If it grows long, don’t pull it out by hand. You can trim it properly. Don’t wait until there is a problem with the nose before you know it.