Is it true that “one pregnancy is stupid for three years”? Study Finds: Does Pregnancy Change Brain Structure? answer for you

Ms. Wang just gave birth some time ago and has been on maternity leave at home. Her mother-in-law is concerned about her frailty, and she is also afraid that she will not be able to breastfeed her child after taking medicine because of illness, and will not go out.

But recently, Ms. Wang always finds that her memory is not very good. I don’t know if it’s because I stayed at home for too long, or because I just gave birthI’m in a bad moodForget it,Always forget what you do,I asked my husband to change the diapers just now, but I forgot about it after a while, and called my husband to change it . My mobile phone is obviously in my hand, but I still look for it everywhere. The washing machine doesn’t even think about drying it.

Recent performances have made Ms. Wang, who used to be very shrewd and capable, a little confused about what to do. When I told my husband about this, Husband smiled and said: “Isn’t it common for you to be pregnant for three years? Do it, don’t think about it.”

Although she heard her husband say this, Ms. Wang felt that her life was really good, but after all, she had a lot of troubles before and after childbirth. The changes are indeed quite big, and I have been depressed all the time. Could it be that I am really stupid after being pregnant?

In our country’s folk ” It is indeed common to say that one pregnancy is stupid for three years”, which also makes many pregnant women feel uneasy, fearing that they will really become stupid, and it will be difficult to become a strong woman in the workplace after giving birth.

After a woman is pregnant in October, her body will naturally undergo obvious changes. Not only do many pregnant women find themselves often forgetting things, they also become preoccupied and like to argue about right and wrong about everything. Whether life is going well at this time depends entirely on the old principles not being understood.

Nature Communications published research: Pregnancy will affect women’s brain structure and brain function

This study is an experiment conducted by researchers on 40 pregnant women. The three different time periods before, during and after pregnancy of these women were recorded. Among them, the brain information of 28 women will also be recorded for one year after giving birth.

It was found that pregnant women have significantly smaller gray matter in the brain It will not resume until 1 year after production. The “grey matter” of this brain refers to the inside of the brain A structure that controls body movement, thinking, language, etc. If the gray matter becomes smaller, it will lead to slow behavior and unsteady walking.

Researchers believe that the reason for this change is the increase in maternal behavior due to the presence of children after giving birth to women Related, that is to say, mothers are more sensitive and more attached to their children. In life, some mothers are very attached to their children. If they go far away, they always want to take their children with them. They play videos several times a day, just because they miss their children.

Is the change in the size of gray matter the scientific explanation of “one pregnancy and three years of stupidity”?

Of course, pregnancy will not make women stupid. From the above research results, even if pregnancy changes the brain structure of women’s gray matter, But it will gradually ease after 1 year.

Researcherstested the memory of pregnant women and found that there was no change in their memory, even Even more powerful, that is to say, although pregnancy changes the size of the gray matter in the brain, it does not make the mother really stupid.

The real reason It is because a woman suddenly has a child of her own, and when she suddenly becomes a mother, she will feel nervous and afraid that she will not be able to take it well.Li Taoping, director of the Sleep Medicine Center of Nanfang Hospital, believes that pregnant women , Sleep is affected after pregnancy, and it will also affect memory if it continues. The child’s brain is a little “unconscious”, and it would be even better if he had a considerate husband.

Using traditional Chinese medicine Chinese medicine also has the following explanation for “one pregnancy and three years of stupidity”:

Because of Chinese medicine, there are many The operation of brain function depends on kidney essence and qi and blood, and women When pregnant, because there is an extra person in the body, so according to the food intake when not pregnant before, or if there is not enough nutrition, the mother’s nutritional intake will not be much. Because< span>Qi and blood are produced by the internal organs,If the internal organs do not get enough qi and blood,there is not enough qi, blood and kidney essence , it will affect the brain function.

So, Chinese women have to confine themselves to confinement after giving birth, because After 10 months of giving birth to a child, plus the loss of energy in the body during childbirth, etc., the body of a woman suffers. It is normal to find some changes in the body due to the loss of energy and blood shortly after delivery.

In addition to memory loss, pregnant women will also experiencelack of energy, chills, depression, dizziness and fatigue, and decreased body resistance And other symptoms, so confinement is also very necessary, and nutrition must keep up during confinement.

Pregnant women who have given birth want to replenish Qi and blood, what should they do?

After giving birth, the body is usually conditioned by drinking and medicine to replenish qi and blood, but if you can rely on diet, you don’t need to take medicine.

You can eatblack-bone chicken, beef and mutton, red dates, longan, wolfberry, etc. Generally, you can consult a doctor in the hospital or a professional nutritionist for nourishment. Don’t blindly supplement yourself, and don’t just eat whatever milk is for the child. The mother’s body is also very important.

If the loss of qi and blood is serious, you can use medicine to supplement qi and blood, such as< span>Bazhen Decoctioncan relieve the symptoms of puerperaweakness, fatigue, lack of energy and blood , it is best to take it under the doctor’s advice.

In short, there is no direct causal relationship between pregnancy and becoming stupid. Nutrition, let the qi and blood fill a little bit, and poor rest, etc., will lead to becoming “stupid”, so pregnant women and parturients should treat themselves better.