Is it better for men to “shake” after urinating, or “wipe” with paper like women?

Women go to the toilet, whether it is defecating or urinating, they always hold paper in their hands. will be a little more.

Men are different. Bringing paper to the toilet means defecating. If you don’t bring paper, you must pee. After all, no one defecates without paper now. Scratch it with leaves and bamboo sticks.

Because of the difference in body structure, women The urethra, reproductive tract, and anus are relatively close to each other. Every day, there will be urine residue, vaginal secretions, and feces from the anus on the underwear. If you don’t use paper to clean up after using the toilet, it will increase gynecological diseases. , urinary tract infection and other diseases, so it is understandable for women to wear paper.

But for men, some just put on their pants and leave after urinating, and some people will shake if they want to be clean. Squeeze, pinch…then pull up your pants, wash your hands and leave.

Is it necessary for a man to wipe it with paper after urinating?

If a man puts on his pants and leaves after going to the toilet, thenThere will be urine residue in the underwear< /strong>If the weather is hotter, the environment of the underwear is also very worrying.

Many men are also aware of this problem. After urinating, they will not put on their pants immediately, and then wait a while, or they are impatient Shaking and pinching, although you canthrow out the urine residue, but the result will be< span>Throw it against the wall, the edge of the toilet,even your own body and face. It’s like the urine on the wall and the toilet is not cleaned up in time and it will slowly becomeyellow and smelly.

What should I do after urinating?

In fact, it is Men, it only takes a few seconds to wipe after urinating,even with urethra What is left behind inside will also be wiped clean.It is also comfortable to put on the pants cleanly, and you don’t have to worry about smelling on your body.

Some people think it feels uncomfortable to wipe with paper, Then you can also shake it, squeeze it, it still depends on your own wishes, it is the difference between hygiene and unsanitary . But no matter what post-poo disposal method you choose, washing your hands well is a must.

If you want to be healthy, it is necessary to stay away from germs. Hands touch so many things every day, and they may even be intimate with urine Contact, now that the epidemic has risen again, it is also very important to wash hands after using. Learn the “seven-step hand washing method”, each time wash hands for 30 seconds,< /span>Especially rub your hands well. In cold weather, many people wash their hands after going to the toilet. Some people even wash whichever hand they wipe their buttocks. How can germs not find you?

Of course, when men go to the toilet, they will also unconsciously compete to see who pees farther away, and think that the person who is farther away is better at sex.

Is the distance of a man’s urine linked to the quality of intercourse?

Although Men use the same part for urination and intercourse, but the purposes are quite different. If you find that your urination is far away when you go to the toilet, it depends on whether your urethra is squeezed to affect the patency, how much urine is in the bladder, and whether the bladder is closed Whether the detrusor muscle is developed, etc.,So they cannot be compared.


Of course, it’s also a good thing to pay attention to the state of your urine when a man urinates. Because if a man’s body If something goes wrong, it will also be reflected in the urine.

These abnormal colors of the urine should not be ignored, or the body Something went wrong

①: I found that Iurgency and dysuriamay There is a problem with the body’s urinary system(urethritis, urinary stones, etc.). If there is no pain, but there is Hematuria, don’t rush to see if it’s because you ate dragon fruit and cherries the day before, if not, and it’s really blood, you have to suspect Is it a sign ofcancer coming to your door.

② : If the urine color ismilky white, it may be the bodykidneys, bladder It may also be caused by problems such as prostatitis.

③:strong tea, yellowish brown urine, you can see if there is any in your body Jaundice, yellow skin and whites of eyes, physical weaknessSymptoms, if possible, areliver problems.

④: Same color as soy sauce, Possibly rhabdomyolysis due to excessive exercise, also possibly intravascular hemolysis span>, or Fava Bean Disease, etc.

In short, because of the difference in body structure between men and women, women go to the toilet The purpose of cleaning the body with paper is to keep away from bacterial infection and gynecological diseases. Although the body structure of men is not so complicated, it is not impossible to do this. Wiping with paper is not only hygienic for yourself, but also the bathroom is clean. You don’t have to be scolded by your wife for throwing urine on the toilet or the wall. Whether you don’t use paper or not depends on your personal wishes.