Introduced four kinds of fan-shaped pruning methods for grape seedlings

Introduced four kinds of vertical fan pruning methods for grape seedlings

When pruning the grape seedling rack fan, it is often divided into four types according to the main vine of the plant: small branch, medium, large and multi-main vine free fan.

1. Small stand fan type. It is more suitable for weak growth, grape seedling varieties with small plants and areas with relatively poor soil. The main point of plastic surgery is to plant in winter, leaving two main vines; in the second year, each main branch has 2~3 strong new shoots as fruiting branches; in the third year, it can become a fruiting mother branch. Then gradually renew and prune the fruiting mother branches.

2. Neutral frame fan type. There are 3~4 main vines, which can be kept within 1~2 years after planting. Afterwards, 2 to 3 fruiting mother branches are left on the main vine every year, and attention is paid to updating and pruning to keep the fruiting position relatively stable.

3. Large fan type. There are 5-6 main vines, and the shaping process is basically the same as the fan shape of the neutral frame, which is more suitable for grape seedlings with strong growth.

4. Multi-host vine free fan type. When there are more than 6 main vine shapes, the number of fruiting mother branches on each main vine can be determined according to the space and growth conditions on the frame surface. This trimming method has the advantages of flexible trimming ability, fast forming, early results, full use of shelf surface, and high output. However, due to the large number of branches and vines and improper equipment, it is easy to affect the ventilation and light transmission, resulting in bare lower parts of the main vines, reduced production, and aggravated the occurrence of diseases and insect pests.