I will live again, and I will not save these 5 kinds of money (too true)

There is a saying in “Guoyu”: “Mo Ruojing, living Mo Ruojian.”

Diligence and thrift are the first priority in housekeeping, so that the family can prosper.

But everything has its limits , Going too far, saving money must be measured.

Goodbye, have You can’t save 5 kinds of money, otherwise, the more you save, the poorer you will be!


Filial parents money

< p data-track="18">It is said in “Thousand Characters”: “Filial piety should do its best, and loyalty should do its best.”

Being filial to your parents is the last thing you can do, and you must do your best.

Parents, give us Life, raise us up, give selflessly, give everything.

I am reluctant to eat, I am reluctant to wear it, but I have never been stingy with my children.

But now, they Qingsi has turned gray hair, her walking is gradually faltering, and her reaction is slowly slowing down.

Yeah, parents When we are old, it is time for us to support this family and take good care of our parents.

You raised me , I will support you in old age, it is only right and proper, otherwise I will be in debt to my parents, and I will regret it for the rest of my life.

Parents lack money, Give generously, let them have no worries about food and clothing, and no worries in their hearts;

If your parents have something to do, you should actively accompany them to make them feel relieved and at ease;

If your parents are sick, you should try your best to cure them so that they can live a long and safe life.

Bi Shumin said: “When parents are alive, there is still a place to come from in life; when parents are gone, there is only a way back in life.”

< p data-track="40">It is the greatest duty to let parents spend their twilight years comfortably without saving money for filial piety.

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Money for educating children

As the saying goes: “No matter how poor you are, you can’t have poor education, no matter how hard you are, you can’t suffer children. “

real success , not in being rich, but in educating children well.

Raising excellent children is the greatest foundation and hope of a family.

So, parents should take a long-term view and don’t be reluctant to spend money on educating their children.

Behind every outstanding child, parents need to support them.

Like Hu Shi’s mother, even My family was poor, but I was never stingy in reading.

I also doubled the gift of Shuxiu to the teacher, hoping that the teacher can carefully teach Hu Shi’s studies.

A lot of money was spent, but it also laid a solid foundation for Hu Shi to become a famous academic figure in the future.

“People’s Daily” also said: “A well-educated child is the most important cause. ”

And any business Your success in education cannot make up for your failure in education.

The living conditions can be saved, but the learning environment and educational resources must be good.

It is the best long-term investment to save money on educating children and let them grow up.


Money for self-improvement

《Rite There is a saying in “Records”: “Go out to renew every day, renew every day, and renew every day. “

Time never will stand still, everything is changing rapidly.

Improving yourself is never a waste of money or time.

On the contrary, knowing how to plan, being willing to spend money, and growing continuously is the real vision.

You have to keep reading, live and learn, and acquire new knowledge.

Learn skills, follow Keep up with the pace of the times, don’t let yourself become a frog in a well.

Cultivate hobbies, find enthusiasm for life, and face life more positively and optimistically.

In the long run, thinking will be upgraded, cognition will be deepened, and personal value will also increase.

Naturally, wealth will increase accordingly, and you can also walk Longer and longer.

I have heard a saying: “There is no stable job, only stable ability. “

Involuntary promotion The smartest way to live is to use your own money to make yourself outstanding.


Money from human relations

“Dream of Red Mansions” said: “The insight of the world is knowledge, and the sophistication of human feelings is the article.”

From ancient times to the present, human relationships and sophistication have played an indispensable role .

If you don’t understand human relations It is difficult to establish a foothold in front of relatives and friends and in society.

Especially want to save The money of human relationship is the most loss-making business in the world.

In the final analysis, people and People are mutual, and no one is stupid.

If you come without In the past, if you want to take advantage of others, it seems that you save money for a while and make a profit.

But in the long run , but actually lost the most precious relationship and connections.

It’s cheap, The love is gone, so you have to pay back as much as others give.

As the saying goes : “Smart is worse than kindness, smart is worse than sincerity.”

Everyone has a steelyard in their hearts, relying on mutual equality and joint management.

Whether relatives, friends or colleagues We must sincerely maintain and cherish the human relationship between each other.

Unconscious human relationship It is the most advanced way of life to make the relationship long-term and comfortable.


Keep healthy money

There is an old saying: “If you keep the green hills, you will not be afraid of no firewood.”

The body is the capital of everything; health is the foundation of happiness.

No matter how much money you want, Nor can it be at the expense of ignoring and depleting health.

those with overdraft health People’s frugality is putting the cart before the horse, and the gain outweighs the gain.

Look around because It is not uncommon for families to become poor and return to poverty after a serious illness.

Actually, the body Taking good care of your health and keeping it healthy is the real way to make money.

Don’t save money , Don’t delay minor illnesses, don’t bear minor pains, and don’t leave hidden dangers to your health.

Eat well too , sleep on time, work and rest regularly, exercise, and feel happy physically and mentally.

After all, money is not If you lose your career, you can earn more, if you lose your career, you can work harder, but if you lose your health, everything will be in vain.

There is a saying Good: “The world ultimately belongs to those who are healthy and live long.”

< p data-track="146">It is the greatest blessing to keep your body healthy and strong without saving money on maintaining your health.