Facility plum sapling planting technology (middle)

Plum sapling planting technology (middle)

< span>4. Temperature and humidity regulation

1. Temperature regulation The dormant period of plum seedlings is 40 days to 50 days. 0 ℃ ~ 7 ℃ low temperature 1000 hours ~ 1500 hours, the plum saplings are forced to dormant after the leaves are dead in early November, and the temperature rises after meeting the cooling demand. The temperature control after heating is realized by switching the ventilation hole and adjusting the size of the ventilation belt.

Facility plum sapling growth The temperature control indicators for each phenological period of the season are: from the beginning of heating to the flowering period, the temperature during the day is 13°C to 15°C, and at night 3°C ​​to 5°C; 6°C~8°C; during the fruit growth period, the daytime temperature is 255°C~28°C, and the nighttime temperature is 10°C~12°C; the fruit coloring period does not exceed 30°C during the daytime, 10°C~15°C at night, and the external temperature is 10°C~12°C The shed film can be removed at any time.

2. Humidity adjustment The relative humidity of the air is about 70%, the relative humidity is 50% during the flowering period, and the fruit expansion period The humidity is 60%~70%, and the humidity is 50% during the fruit coloring period. Humidity regulation can be adjusted by water injection.