Intestinal “feces pusher” announced, bananas are not listed, usually eat more, big belly may disappear

According to relevant survey data,There are currently 90 million people with constipation in my country, accounting for 6% of the total population.< /span>However, less than 20% of them choose to see a doctor. More people are suffering from constipation in their lives, and more people are slowly approaching constipation. Especially now many long-term sedentary office workers.


When is it called constipation?

Constipation is a very common symptom in daily life, which is related to slow intestinal peristalsis, improper diet, and chronic disease related.

Constipation will cause symptoms such as dry stool, poor defecation, and prolonged defecation cycle.

When constipation occurs, the retention time of feces in the intestine will prolong the water, and when it is overabsorbed by the intestine to defecate, The nature of the stool is mainly dry, and some people even form granular.

Although some people have the desire to defecate, they cannot pass it when defecation requires excessive force in the abdominal cavity.

Under normal circumstances, we should defecate once a day,But some people have a prolonged defecation cycle, maybe once a week, or even Row once every half a month. For people with long-lasting constipation, attention should be paid to avoid organic intestinal lesions.


What conditions are likely to cause constipation?

Lack of water

When there is enough water in the body, it can moisturize the intestines, promote defecation, reduce the burden on the stomach, and speed up metabolism.However, if you drink too little water, the body will lack water, which will easily lead to getting angry. thus causing constipation.

Spiritual factors

Many people are in a state of tension for a long time due to factors such as work, study and life. Under the stimulation of these bad emotions, the autonomic nervous system of the cerebral cortex will be disturbed, and the consciousness of defecation will decrease. , causing constipation.

Improper diet

Some people are picky eaters, often eat meat and don’t like to eat fruits and vegetables, so the long-term lack of dietary fiber in the body will slow down the speed of gastrointestinal motility.After the water in the excrement is absorbed by the intestine, It will lead to dry stool and difficult defecation. If you often eat some spicy food, it will easily lead to strong stomach fire and affect defecation.

Poor bowel habits

Many people like to play with their mobile phones when they go to the toilet, which distracts the attention of the brain and prolongs the duration of defecation Time, long-term development will easily lead to constipation.

Lack of exercise

If the amount of exercise is reduced or if you do not exercise for a long time, it will cause the peristalsis speed of the stomach to slow down, or the intestines will not be stimulated normally, which will cause constipation.


Intestinal “feces pusher” announced, bananas are not listed, usually Eat more, the big belly may disappear

When it comes to ingredients for laxatives, the first thing many people think of is Bananas, this is because bananas contain a lot of dietary fiber, which can promote gastrointestinal motility. At the same time, bananas contain 15% water-soluble plant fiber. After plant fiber enters the human body, it can release the Moisture is adsorbed to the stool to help soften the stool, expel the stool, and relieve constipation.

But everyone needs to pay attention, only ripe bananas can relieve constipation. It will relieve constipation and increase the risk of constipation, because raw bananas contain a lot of tannic acid, which has a strong astringent effect.

Also need to pay attention,< strong>Bananas only have a relieving effect on functional constipation, and have little effect on functional or organic constipation with severe symptoms.

If you want to relieve constipation through diet, you may wish to try these foods:

Dragon fruit

Dragon fruit is very good for people with constipation A good choice, dragon fruit can achieve the effect of laxative, and can also provide sufficient nutrition for the body, especially the red dragon fruit contains a lot of anthocyanins, anthocyanins can help remove the free body in the body It can achieve anti-aging effect, and people with anemia can also supplement iron by eating dragon fruit.


Corn itself is rich in cellulose, which can accelerate the peristalsis of the intestines, and can also help absorb excess water in the intestines and promote defecation. It also has the effect of preventing atherosclerosis. Can relieve constipation.


Half of the walnuts are fat, which means that walnut oil can soften the stool and also It can moisturize the crude fiber in walnuts in the intestines, and it will expand when it encounters water, accelerate the peristalsis of the intestines, and promote constipation.

People who are often constipated can eat walnuts properly at ordinary times, but the fat content of walnuts is relatively high, Everyone should not eat walnuts every day More than 50 grams, equivalent to 2~3 walnuts.


Pectin is contained in pumpkin, which can protect the gastrointestinal mucosa and improve the functioning ability of the stomach. The dietary fiber content in pumpkin is relatively high, which can improve the motility of the stomach. , promote digestion, improve constipation, You can often drink pumpkin porridge or steamed pumpkin, which are good choices.

When constipation occurs, everyone must Timely treatment, of course, prevention of all problems is better than treatment, we must get rid of our bad habits and prevent constipation in advance.