Eggplant, is the “catalyst” of osteoporosis? Doctor: 3 things seem to supplement calcium, but actually hurt the body

Regardless of men and women, with the increase of age, the functions of various parts of the body will become abnormal, and a series of physical diseases will gradually follow.

When many middle-aged and elderly people feel very worried about osteoporosis in their lives, the Sometimes it will be accompanied by the feeling of pain, and it will also affect people’s normal living conditions.

What are the causes of osteoporosis?

  • Genetic factors

The vast majority of physical diseases are almost inherited. Perhaps osteoporosis does not seem to be a serious disease, but it is also hereditary, so those who have a family genetic history are usually more You should pay more attention to bone health problems, and don’t regret anything abnormal.

  • Calcium deficiency

< p data-track="10">Calcium is a trace element that the body needs, and it is also one of the important elements that make up bones. If the body is seriously deficient in calcium, for children, It is likely to affect the development of height, and for middle-aged and elderly people, it may also cause osteoporosis or decreased bone density.

  • Lack of Exercise

Persisting in exercise can help promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, and make bones more sensitive and flexible , but many people have not developed the habit of active exercise. Lack of exercise may lead to abnormal bone conditions, and even osteoporosis.

  • age factor

< p data-track="14">Research data show that when people get older, they are more likely to suffer from osteoporosis, because as the age increases, the functions of various parts of the body gradually decline. The loss of nutrients will inevitably lead to a series of conditions, such as osteoporosis.

Eggplant, is the “catalyst” of osteoporosis?

In terms of diet, some people have heard that if you often eat eggplant, it is easy to cause osteoporosis, but eggplant is often eaten in our daily life Can a vegetable that I bought really cause osteoporosis?

Although eggplant is a kind of vegetable, it contains rich nutrients, so daily Eating eggplant in moderation in life can bring many benefits to the body, and it is also helpful for caring for the health of blood vessels.

The reason why some people heard that eggplant can induce osteoporosis is because some edible oil is added when eggplant is grown, and the nature of eggplant is relatively special, with “oil absorption”.

So people worry that if they eat eggplant frequently, it will inevitably lead to too much oil entering the body, and if things go on like this It is likely to cause abnormal body functions and accelerate calcium loss.

Perhaps there is some truth to this statement The truth is, but there is no problem for osteoporosis patients to eat eggplant in moderation, and the intake must be controlled.

Doctor: 3 things seem to be calcium supplements, but they actually hurt the body

< p data-track="22">1. Shrimp

Many people may choose to eat some shrimp skins when supplementing calcium, because in people’s perception, shrimp skins are delicious and rich in calcium.

There is indeed a single element in the shrimp skin, but the sodium content in it is also very high, so if If you often eat shrimp skin to supplement calcium, that element is likely to cause calcium loss.

2、 Bone broth

The older generation thinks that bone broth is a very nutritious The food, and it tastes really good, too, so that’s a lot of fun too.

There is a certain amount of calcium in animal bones, but the calcium in it is generally present in a large molecule Yes, so if you drink bone soup frequently, you will not be able to achieve the expected calcium supplement effect at all, but will cause the fat and calories in it to accumulate in your body.

3. Sesame paste

Although sesame is small in size, it contains very rich nutrients, so Eating sesame seeds in moderation in daily life can bring some benefits to the body.

Many people think that eating sesame paste can achieve the effect of calcium supplementation. Perhaps sesame contains a certain amount of calcium, but After grinding into sesame paste, the fat content and calories will continue to increase, so it is not recommended to supplement calcium through sesame paste.

Research shows: middle-aged women are more likely to suffer from osteoporosis, why?

Regarding the matter of osteoporosis, people will also know various data. Some people have heard that after female friends enter middle age More susceptible to the emotions of osteoporosis, can it be said that osteoporosis is also patriarchal?

The reason for this is that there is a great relationship between calcium in the body and estrogen in women View.

When female friends enter middle age, estrogen There is a loss of calcium and too much calcium, so it is easy to cause osteoporosis.

So middle-aged women are more likely to suffer from osteoporosis. This statement is not unfounded, so it is recommended After female friends enter middle age, they should pay more attention to some details, which may be more helpful to avoid the occurrence of osteoporosis.

But estrogen is not female The patent is just that women’s bodies are dominated by estrogen, and men’s bodies also have estrogen.

The estrogen in men is relatively very low, so the impact on the body is not so obvious, Therefore, the condition of osteoporosis has little to do with the male body in this respect.

Bone Osteoporosis does not seem to be an inflammatory disease, but it is likely to cause damage to bones and joints in the long run. Therefore, if osteoporosis occurs, I hope everyone can regulate and treat it in time.