10 unpopular purple clay teapots, you may not know any of them

Xi Shi, De Zhong, Well Lane, Antique, Stone Ladle… …These classic traditional pot shapes are familiar to many pot lovers, and they are also very common in the market. How many of these uncommon traditional pot shapes do you know?

01, Yu Li Hu

▲Zhu Kexin Yuli Pot

< p data-track="9">The body of this pot is round and shaped, and the spout has a curved ring, just like a fisherman fishing on the river. The handle of the pot is comfortable and stable, the lid of the pot is dense and dense, the button of the pot is delicate and smooth, and the pot body, button, lid, and barrel are three points and one line, and the proportion is coordinated.

Looking at this pot from a distance, the lines of the pot body are stretched and smooth, well-proportioned and soft, the style is clear and peaceful, quiet and peaceful, giving people a feeling of tranquility and refreshing Looking at this pot, it is shaped like a bamboo hat, and the man in coir raincoat is fishing alone in the cold river, which is memorable.

▲Wang Yinchun Yuli Pot

02、Bowl lamp pot

▲Gu Jingzhou Bowl Lamp Pot


▲Gu Jingzhou carved stone bowl lamppot

The bowl lamp pot was popular in the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China. It got its name because the body of the pot resembles a bowl-shaped lamp. Looking at the whole device, the curve is soft, simple and round, which makes people feel soothing and peaceful.


Zhishuo Pot

▲ Zhishuo pot

This Zhishuo pot is shaped like a tasseled cap, and the button of the pot is like a top bead, with the top bead as the center. Decorated with red tassels hanging down, there are six tassel-like tassels underneath, exquisitely crafted.

04、Molin Pot

▲Molin Pot< /span>

This teapot was custom-made by Xiang Zijing, the most famous appraiser and collector in Ming Dynasty, in Yixing. The inscription on the bottom: “Jingmolin, the son of Xiang’s son, the head of the tea making pavilion”.

This pot is quite imposing, and its structure has the characteristics of Ming Dynasty. Treasure, and record it with rubbings.

05、olive pot

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▲Dabin Olive Pot< /p>

Argillaceous purple brown with dark red, looming sand grains, high heat, solid and beautiful in fineness, with “coarse sand, ancient texture and uniform texture” , “Silver sand flash point” characteristics.

Exquisite craftsmanship, the pot has a thinner wall, light to the touch, clean and elegant, unpretentious.

06、Dragon Head Yuhuan Pot

▲ Feng Guilin Dragon Head Yuhuan Pot

Feng Guilin has created a lot of fine purple clay flower wares throughout his life, some are round and square, some are tall and some are short, some are square and precise, and some are The ecological and natural tea pots are all exquisite and exquisite, and are praised by their peers. This device is one of its masterpieces.

07, Snow Peach Pot

▲Fan Dasheng Snow Peach Pot

The Snow Peach Pot is made of fine red-brown mud, and the color is bright and elegant. The inscription on the pot reads: “Fang Chuanzi, Yuchuanzi, this is a must for the friendship between gentlemen. Use engraved. “

08, Narcissus Pot

▲Chen Yinshang Narcissus Pot

09, Zhi Ling

< img class="content_title" height="300" layout="responsive" sizes="(min-width: 320px) 320px, 100vw" src="https://p3-sign.toutiaoimg.com/tos-cn-i-qvj2lq49k0/57b236abfb5f4e58a80d9c79bdbc1540~tplv-tt-large.image?x-expires=1985019906&x-signature=RVsQ7teVNfUHmfZ70%2BsORlcFmUk%3D" width="600">


▲Gu Jingzhou Zhiling

< span> The Zhiling Pot, also known as the Flat Li Pot, was designed by Yu Yaozhong, a professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. This pot has an ancient and clumsy shape, a handsome appearance, clear lines and hidden lines, moderate turning points, and its own charm.

The spout protrudes naturally, the handle is simple and powerful, and the shape is flexible; The cover is tightly stitched, showing its skill.

10, Zhenzhi Tiliang

▲ Zhou Guizhen Zhiliang< /span>

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