4 actresses failed plastic surgery: Gao Liubi’s hair was black and necrotic, and Gong Xinliang became more and more outrageous

There are many people who have plastic surgery in the entertainment industry, but everyone just turns a blind eye. Celebrities create an image of natural beauty, but failure cases are common, but they are just unwilling to ferment it and let everyone know about it. Of course, there are very few female stars who can remind everyone with their own experiences.

Plastic surgery is not terrible, what is terrible is that you are too obsessed with plastic surgery, which leads to a lifelong struggle with deformed aesthetics. Of course, many people reaped great pain when they tried the first step. Some female stars are very unlucky, they have plastic surgery to become more beautiful, but after trying it, they find that it is getting more and more outrageous.

4 actresses failed plastic surgery: Gao Liu’s nose and hair are black and necrotic, Gong Xinliang is getting more and more outrageous

Gao Liu

high Liu is a 18-tier starlet, and his salary is around several hundred thousand. It is indeed a pity that he has lost his dream of being an actor because of plastic surgery. No one would have imagined that she, who is so beautiful, would rely on plastic surgery to become beautiful. What happened to him was sympathetic, but it also made everyone vigilant, because behind it was very deep muddy water.

Gao Liu is a victim of a medical accident. He once shared his experience of unsuccessful nose surgery on social platforms. The reason is that I chose to go to the hospital for a nose job because of a friend’s recommendation. Who would have thought that there would be rejection, inflammation and necrosis, and because of this, I would lose my job. Facing millions of dollars in damages. Afterwards, he found out that the relevant plastic surgery hospital did not have the qualifications for rhinoplasty.

After the operation, the condition was very bad. Who would have imagined that his skin color would become more and more serious in a few days? black. There was necrosis in an area of ​​about 1.5×1.0 cm.

Gong Xinliang

Gong Xinliang appeared for the first time in Feng Xiaogang’s If You Are the One movie That sexy female secretary. He has played many classic roles, and he is on a steady rise, but who knows, he lost to plastic surgery. From the photos, it is not difficult to see that he has done the apple muscles of the chin, nose, eyes, and forehead. The whole person is very weird, just like the snake spirit on the gourd baby.

To be honest, there are more and more people undergoing plastic surgery, and everyone is not surprised. But if it fails, it will be a life-destroying operation. People are very confused, why do you want to die when you are very beautiful? She was also listed as one of the top ten female stars who failed plastic surgery in the entertainment industry. Every time I attend an event, my face is particularly stiff and unnatural.

Zhou Muyin

Although it is said that everyone has a love for beauty, but in comparison, the mother’s face is the most precious. I also hope that female stars will stop wearing high-tech faces to affect the audience’s visual aesthetics. Zhou Muyin participated in the special battle glory some time ago, and people were very surprised when she appeared, because it was a face with plastic surgery, especially the hyaluronic acid that was full of impression.

In the past ten weeks without plastic surgery, Mu Yin was a very beautiful and pure white flower shape, the white moonlight in people’s hearts, but now it is a silicone face, full of Hyaluronic acid dares to protrude the nose, protrude the roots, protrude the corners of the eyes, and the corners of the eyes are too big, which is particularly scary, especially the mouth is obviously filled. The European and American style is too obvious.

No matter how outstanding the acting skills are, it is difficult for people to accept this cosmetic face. Completely self-destructive operation.

Zhang Meng

Now Zhang Meng has to rely on the bonus from his acting career to live broadcast and bring goods, and has completely become an Internet celebrity. And he is also a very distinctive case of plastic surgery failure, because he couldn’t stand the criticism from netizens and boyfriends, so he finally chose plastic surgery. Before the plastic surgery, he was in good condition, with natural beauty and three-dimensional facial features.

After plastic surgery, the face has obvious gullies, and the corners of the mouth twitch when she smiles slightly. One eye is big and the other is small. The mountain roots are filled particularly unnaturally. People are very puzzled, why do they need plastic surgery when they are so beautiful?

In modern society, cases of plastic surgery failures abound, why the plastic surgery has not reduced Instead, it got worse? It is reported that on the one hand, everyone’s appearance anxiety is too serious, and on the other hand, the promotion of medical beauty is too much. There is nothing to maintain a permanent change of the screen, as long as the knife is used, it will collapse one day