Internet celebrity “Cross Stick” claims to “correct hunchback”, is the “artifact” really so amazing?

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Recently, the Internet celebrity fitness equipment “Cross Stick” that claims to be used to “correct hunchback” has been sought after by many people. This equipment is really amazing. ?

Search for the keyword “cross stick” on the shopping platform, and dozens of similar products from different brands will pop up—two yoga sticks with adjustable angles are overlapped to form a cross shape, which can be fixed on the back of the human body. Makes people hold their heads high immediately.

The merchant claims that the product can correct hunchback and improve posture, and children, adults and the elderly can all receive the effect.

The reporter saw that the monthly sales of such products range from 40,000+ to 1,000+. There are many teenagers and office workers in the comment area with pictures. Says “may take long-term persistence”. So, can this type of cross stick really correct a hunchback?

Chongqing People’s Hospital Spine Surgery Chief Physician and MD Zhang Shengli believes that the function of the cross stick is to remind you to maintain a relatively upright posture, including exercising the muscle strength of the chest and back. “From these two perspectives, it should be reasonable. From our professional point of view, the use of this cross stick cannot replace the external fixation braces or brackets used in medicine to correct spinal deformities such as kyphosis.”< /p>

The reporter checked the introductions of various products and found that these “cross stick” products focus on promoting efficacy and materials, but little or no mention of scientific methods of use, duration and frequency of use. Chief Physician Zhang Shengli said: “Medical fixed stents all have corresponding biomechanical strength, including which specific parts need to be fixed, which are customized according to the deformity. The requirement for wearing is at least 20 hours a day. The above. The use of this so-called yoga stick can’t achieve this effect at all.”

He reminded that the essence of the hunchback is the abnormal curvature of the spine, which may reduce the volume of the thoracic cage. Affects breathing and heart function, while causing persistent chest and back pain. For this reason, pathological hunchback needs to be diagnosed and treated in a regular hospital as soon as possible, and the poor back posture in the early stage can be improved through scientific methods.

“The most important thing is to maintain a good living habit, including standing, sitting, and working environment settings. For example, the screen of your computer monitor may be slightly higher; Have good chest and back support; work at the desk for about an hour, and take the initiative to get up and move. In addition, many people have exercise habits now, and they must exercise reasonably on the basis of fully evaluating their own exercise ability. If you feel uncomfortable after exercising If it lasts for 3-5 days, it means that this activity is not suitable.” Chief Physician Zhang Shengli said that scientific yoga, jogging, swimming and other sports can enhance the strength of the upper body and lower back, and also help to improve the hunchback.