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Guangdong Provincial Public Welfare Science and Love of Teeth Project”), the imported implant is 980 yuan/first implant, the number of places is limited, and the appointment hotline is 020-8375 2288!

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Good teeth are no longer a luxury, and good teeth can be grown cheaply

As the saying goes, “To live to ninety-nine, you have good teeth.” A healthy and happy old age requires good teeth to support. With the improvement of living standards, Chinese people’s awareness of oral health care has also increased, but there are still many elderly and young people who do not pay enough attention to missing teeth. Deren dental experts remind that it is not a trivial matter to not plant missing teeth. Failure to repair them in time may endanger health, and the sooner the missing teeth are repaired, the more money will be saved.

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The repair of missing teeth is not timely, expensive and difficult

According to the survey data of dental institutions, the retention rate of teeth among the elderly is less than 40%, and the health status is not optimistic. “Among the elderly people I have seen, many have missing teeth in half or even all of their mouths. However, if the number of missing teeth is planted according to the traditional method of dental implantation, it will not only cause large wounds and take a long time to recover, but also increase the risk of infection.” Dr. Xu Shitong, Dean of Delun Dental said.

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President Xu Shitong reminds: “Missing teeth should be repaired in time”

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