Shen Zhimin, who disappeared for two years, is so thin that his head and body are separated?

Recently, the first sister swiped the latest news of Shin Ji-min, who disappeared for two years.

The AOA female team leader who retired at the peak of her career is back

△ In the star-studded girl group Rapper song duel show JTBC “Second World”, it became the focus of the audience as soon as it debuted~

Since AOA was exposed to bullying in the team two years ago, Shin Ji-min immediately announced his withdrawal from the group and interrupted his acting career at the peak of his career

Despite the exposure of the chat records of D company last year, the truth of the bullying incident was reversed twice, but the damage to Shen Zhimin could not be recovered

One ​​sister originally thought that Shin Jimin, who experienced the turmoil of leaving the team, would choose an amateur life, but she did not expect that she could choose to return to the stage.

But in the show, Shin Jimin talked about the scene when he was forced to quit the team~

“At that time, I didn’t dare to turn on the lights at home. I was in a daze. I couldn’t do anything well, and I couldn’t sleep well. So my sister kept sleeping with me. I I lost a lot of weight, and at one point I lost 39kg…”

Actually, the first sister still has a little impression of Shin Jimin being so thin that his head and body were separated.

After the photos were exposed, many netizens at home and abroad were worried about her health.

Many netizens feel that she seems to have anorexia and should pay attention to eating well

There are also many domestic netizens who said that Shen Zhimin is obviously thin and unhealthy, and he has already bumped into Guo Jingming a little bit, and he can no longer recognize himself by looking at the photos

Actually, the worries of netizens are not unreasonable. After all, there are not one or two female stars who have physical problems because of losing weight or losing weight.

Speaking of actresses losing weight, the first sister was there last weekendThe latest status of Ma Sichun was brushed on a social platform.

Compared with the state she was abroad some time ago, she really lost a whole circle.

And Ma Sichun also revealed in the comment area that in addition to maintaining proper exercise, in terms of diet, he adhered to the “ketogenic diet” for 5 months.

However, the fat has indeed been reduced, but it is a bit hairy

Actually, for the ketogenic diet, one sister found that many sisters have a strong sense of curiosity about it

Although Yijie has repeatedly emphasized, “Ketogenicity is a custom mode for high-end players. If you still need to ask me, don’t try it at all.”

But the more you say that, the more sisters ask, the more people follow the Internet to try it randomly, and the more people who don’t know much or have extreme opinions.

As a result, the repeated ketogenic side effects of the “ketogenic diet” have been in succession…

So the lazy one sister plans to start a serious post on popular science, and use her personal experience to give the sisters a look at the secrets of the ketogenic diet for fat loss and the problems that appear in the process of using it. Misunderstanding.

Tips: If it can stifle the cranky thoughts of those sisters who are not suitable for the ketogenic diet, and can also help the sisters who are really in need to avoid pitfalls, the purpose of today’s dry goods will be achieved. .

90% of sisters eat

It’s all fake “ketogenic”

One ​​sister was exposed to the ketogenic diet earlier, about 16 or 17 years~

Whether it is a classic ketogenic method or a modified ketogenic diet, there is a complete experience of 3-12 months.

Summarize first, one sister feels that the “ketogenic diet” is not suitable for most sisters to try at this stage, and 90% of the sisters are currently using the fake “ketogenic diet” Keto Diet”.

In fact, the “ketogenic diet” in the traditional sense usually refers to a very low-carbohydrate diet under medical supervision.

The ratio of fat to protein and carbohydrates is generally 4:1 or 3:1, respectively.

That is, the ketogenic diet consists of at least 70% of each meal’s fat intake.

△traditional ketogenic diet nutrient intake ratio~

Seeing this, there must be many sisters who are directly in the circle~

“70% fat, what’s the difference between this and drinking oil directly, I’m afraid I’m not fooling me…”

Actually, the first sister really didn’t fool everyone, the fact is so incredible~

The “ketogenic diet” eats a lot of fat, mainly by producing ketone bodies to simulate the human body’s starvation state.

The purpose is to convert the body from using glucose for energy to using fat for energy.

△When there is not enough glucose in the body, the body will break down fat and produce a chemical substance called “ketone body” which is similar in structure to glucose to supply energy to the body.

Two to three days after a ketogenic diet, our bodies are generally put into a state of ketosis.

In addition to burning fat, this ketogenic state blocks fat synthesis.

△Because there is no stimulation of glucose, the level of insulin secretion by our body also becomes very low, so that the body’s pathway for fat synthesis and metabolism is hindered.

Continuously breaking down fat while unable to synthesize adipose tissue.

That’s the real reason the ketogenic diet can drop and drop body fat in a short period of time.

And why did the first sister say the above, 90% of the sisters are currently using a fake “ketogenic diet”.

In fact, this is also related to the high threshold of 70% fat per meal on the ketogenic diet.

One ​​sister who has practiced said, “No matter how fat pork belly is, you can’t eat 70% of the fat effect.”

Because as long as meat has protein, this ratio can’t be suppressed. In order to make up the number, I can only eat butter without bread.

So… today, a lot of big guys on the Internet have changed the operation directly in order to reduce the difficulty of ketogenic production.

Eating so much meat and oil, no vegetables, and lack of vitamins is not enough!

Then continue to improve “The staple food is still abandoned, and the fruit is almost abstained, but the daily supply of 500g super-dose vegetables should be maintained.”

There are even more upgraded players, and the selection of fat is on the bar “Since 70% of the energy comes from fat, it is absolutely impossible to eat garbage oil!”

What to eat then? Avocado, Salmon, Coconut Oil, Virgin Olive Oil, Black Pig Running Mountains…

Anyway, you can eat whatever oil is expensive and good.

There is also a direct reduction in the proportion of fat, and it is changed to 50% with protein, the reason is to maintain a balanced diet…

Anyway, after changing this article, it’s almost a low-sugar food on the market that dares to label myself ketogenic.

△Sisters can see at a glance whether some ketogenic products on the market are IQ taxes~

But in any case, the modified diet is indeed more suitable for ordinary people, and it looks healthier.

But Whether it can enter a ketogenic state after the magic transformation is a question…

In fact, this customized version of ketogenic weight loss is actually closer to the world’s healthiest Mediterranean diet.

In other words,it’s not really a ketogenic diet at all but a modified version of the Mediterranean diet.

△ So the sisters are really on a ketogenic diet, or have been trying an improved version of the Mediterranean, you can think about it.

I believe seeing this, some sisters who are eager to lose weight may have been planted by the real “ketogenic diet”.

I feel that as long as I can lose weight, I can stick to an unreasonable diet.

But Is the ketogenic diet really right for you?

Ketogenic diet

Who is it for

In fact, for the average person, a ketogenic diet without a doctor’s guidance is similar to self-harm.

Because you don’t know how to monitor the level of electrolytes in your body, nor how to judge the concentration of ketone bodies.

Those bloggers promoting ketosis won’t be responsible for your medical bills in the event of side effects.

△ “Ketogenic Diet” Side Effects: Ketosis, Hair Loss, Urinary Stones, Gout, Menstrual Disorders, and Amenorrhea…

And last September, researchers from the American Society of Responsible Physicians, New York University, the University of Pennsylvania, George Washington University, and Bellevue Hospital in New York conducted a comprehensive review of the ketogenic diet.

Weighing the pros and cons of the ketogenic diet and chronic disease, the study concluded that “For most people, the risks of the ketogenic diet outweigh the benefits.” p>

Overall, healthThe keto diet is only suitable for two groups of people.

The Ketogenic Diet

The first group of people mainly refers to sisters with excessive body fat.

One ​​sister knocked on the blackboard, not the Versailles-style obesity that weighs 100 pounds and dislikes that she is not thin to double digits, but the kind of fat accumulation that is not commensurate with the body.

For example,body fat rate exceeds 30% or even 35%, BMI≥28, or overall weight is close to 100kg, etc., can be directly defined as ” fat people.

The second group of people mainly refers to sisters with abnormal fasting blood sugar and even diagnosed insulin resistance. (click here to see

insulin resistance)

Such sisters may usually like to drink milk tea very much, have a lot of abdominal fat (but not fat), their mood fluctuates with carbohydrates, they are especially prone to hunger, they may suffer from low blood sugar, and they may even suffer from low blood sugar when they are not eating enough carbohydrates. trembling…

Of course, there is one point one sister needs to make clear to the sisters~

“Excessive reliance on ketone bodies for energy, or high levels of urine and blood ketones, is also considered medically unhealthy.”

But for the above two groups of people, you just can’t do anything about it, basically you can only exchange one for one at the limit.

So now, my sister’s attitude towards the ketogenic diet is very clear~

“The so-called ketogenic diet is very difficult to operate, there are a lot of tricks, and the genre is very complicated.”

Itis not for a chubby, fit, girl who just wants to get better.