Discharged (cabin) patients, what you need to know

In the past few days, with the staged victory of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Guiyang, there has been good news that some confirmed cases have been discharged from hospitals and asymptomatic infections have been released from isolation. Do these cured new crown patients have sustained immunity and will not develop secondary infection? Let’s take a look at the research situation at home and abroad.

First, what is secondary infection?

Generally speaking, a second infection (re-infection) of the new crown refers to the situation in which a person is infected with the new crown virus, recovers, and then becomes infected again.

Second, if you have been infected with the new crown, will you be infected again?

Some people will wonder if people who have been infected with the new crown will have an extra layer of protection in their bodies after they recover, and will not be re-infected again. Specifically, for the currently circulating new coronavirus “Omicron” variant, the research conclusion shows that patients with new coronary pneumonia still have the possibility of secondary infection after being cured.

3. What is the probability of secondary infection?

Tell me about the Omicron family

Since the Omicron variant BA.1 subtype was discovered, BA.2, BA.2.12.1, BA.2.13, BA.2.76, Subtypes such as BA.3, BA.4 and BA.5, the Omicron variant seem to have “self-reliant” and become a huge family.

The main reason for the occurrence of “secondary infection” is due to the special nature of Omikron, because Omikron has a strong “immune escape” feature, which can specifically escape the early Austrian Antibodies induced by infection with a variant of Mikkelon. At the same time, because the new coronavirus can rapidly evolve immune escape mutation sites, it prefers to “play” on people who have been infected with the new coronavirus. Therefore, it is still very necessary to do a good job in epidemic prevention and improve one’s own immunity. The new coronavirus is still mutating, and the constant emergence of new strains may increase the risk of secondary infection.

Fourth, what should the cured new crown patients pay attention to?

The cured COVID-19 patients are discharged from the hospital, and the asymptomatic infected people should still strengthen their awareness of self-protection after they are released from isolation, get vaccinated, wear masks, maintain a social distance of 1 meter, and try to avoid crowding and ventilation Poor indoor space is still the best way to protect yourself.


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Text: Guo Xiaoyan, Ni Xue, Yan Jie

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