In the second half of life, please top these three abilities

Zhuangzi said: “In life, if there is a gap between heaven and earth, it will be all of a sudden.”

Life is short, only continuous improvement Only one’s own ability can make a difference.

Some people are mediocre but have no achievements. The reason is often that they do not distinguish between primary and secondary, and do not know how to cultivate themselves in a certain aspect.

In the second half of life, learn the following three abilities to make your life more colorful.

Saving Power

I think so.

The reason why a person has no sense of security is that he relies too much on external conditions instead of relying on his own strength.

Everything in the world is constantly changing.

Excessive reliance on external conditions will only put you in anxiety about gains and losses.

Only by strengthening yourself and having the ability to deal with wind and rain, can you have the calmness and calmness of “no matter the wind and waves, it is better than walking in the garden”.

Mencius said: “Be born in sorrow, and die in peace.”

A truly wise person will not live in peace In the midst of it, the existence of sorrow is forgotten.

They will constantly step out of their comfort zone and update their skills to adapt to the ever-changing world.

Saving property, there will always be a day when it will be spent.

Only the “saving ability” is the real “real estate”, so that you can have more “chips” to increase the chance of winning.


An old saying goes: “There is nothing in the world, but mediocrity.”

A person with a sensitive heart, even a little disturbance in the outside world, will also Chew repeatedly in your heart.

The conclusions drawn by chewing are often negative and pessimistic.

So they let themselves sink into pain.

Sensitivity is an ability that allows us to perceive information and beauty that others cannot perceive.

However, being overly sensitive can overwhelm us with useless and negative information.


Only by properly putting away one’s own sensitivity and becoming a little “blunt” can one let oneself Block out meaningless distractions.

Yang Jiang once said: “We once looked forward to the recognition of the outside world so much, only to find out in the end that the world is our own and has nothing to do with others.”

People with sensitive hearts always care too much about what others think.

An unfriendly word or an unfriendly look from others will make them constantly “reflect on themselves”.

As a result, they did not do anything for a day, but they felt physically and mentally exhausted.

If a person always holds a “magnifying glass” to communicate with others, then he will only make himself troubled.

Only by learning to make your heart “bigger” and let some irrelevant things be filtered out naturally can you get rid of the entanglement of trivial matters.

“Those who care about it are tired, but those who don’t care about it don’t matter.”

Cultivate your own “insensitive power” to be able to Allow yourself to let go of the drag and move forward lightly.


< p data-track="34">Why do some people know a lot of truths, but they still can’t live a good life?

The answer is likely to be: poor execution.

If a person does not have the right thoughts, then he will definitely not have the right actions.

However, if you only have the right idea but don’t put it into practice, then even the right idea will lose its value.

If you take action first, more than half of the problem will be solved.

As the saying goes: “Everything is ready, only the east wind is owed.”

< p data-track="40">Some people don’t dare to act until “everything is ready” and they are 100% sure.

But, by the time they are “all set”, the time has already slipped by.

If you do anything, there is a risk of failure.

The key is to be able to act quickly and seize the opportunity when the opportunity comes.

The “Tao Te Ching” said: “The great things in the world must be done in detail, and the difficult things in the world must be done in an easy way.”

Many times, the reason why we delay taking action is because of fear of difficulty.

However, if we can refine the big goals into small goals and easy-to-achieve goals, and then step by step, steadily, then it will be easier to achieve our goals.


Buffett once said: “The best investment , is to invest in yourself.”

A person, only by constantly investing in himself and continuously improving his own ability, can he have greater confidence to deal with all kinds of problems in the world. challenge.

There is no such thing as a waste of time in life, every step counts.

Investing in yourself is the smartest way to live.

Together with you.